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10 Dream Home Rinks

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KwikRink Synthetic Ice practice goal

Hockey nuts will love what this article has to offer. At KwikRink, we have serviced several private residences with their own home-ice advantage. Generally, the client installs a home rink for their kids (or themselves) to have fun and train for hockey.

Others will dedicate an area in the house for shooting pucks in between periods of the game. Some do it simply because they can, and they love hockey. Below are ten ideas for your dream home rink. 

If “you build it, they will come” rings true, you won’t be able to get the kids off of this (or their teammates), so I would recommend investing in convenient feeding strategies like the pizza oven offers. 

Your dream home rink is more doable than you think! Check out these examples of synthetic ice rinks for inspiration on your next project. When you’re ready to learn more, contact us. We’re happy to help.

Basement Rink

A basement ice rink

A basement rink is a great place to send the kids to practice quietly. Keep them entertained for hours without leaving the house with a synthetic ice rink safely installed on the basement level of your home.

Pole Barn Rink

A pole barn rink in Rochester

This hockey family put a home rink in an added on pole barn. Roughly 50′ x 25′ area allows some fun and fast-paced games. 

The high ceiling is an ideal setup for flying pucks!

Backyard Rink

A basketball court coverted into a synthetic ice rink by KwikRink

This converted basketball court backyard rink is one of our favorites. There is nothing like skating in the middle of July surrounded by beautiful trees, is there? We can envision some backyard hockey tournaments complete with a family BBQ. Maybe you can even try a game of synthetic ice HORSE.

Garage Rink

An ice rink in a garage

If you have one garage stall to spare, this area could become a nice little home rink for you. This rink has enough size to improve stick-handling, shooting, and skating agility. Check out our blog on small area games if you aren’t buying it.

Spacious Outdoor Rink

Outdoor ice rink by KwikRink

This synthetic ice rink still fits in with the gorgeous landscaping. Hopefully, you’re willing to share this dream rink with the neighborhood kids!

Roof Top Ice Rink

A synthetic ice rink on a rooftop

This rooftop ice rink has stunning views. Enjoy the city skyline and have a fun skate in the cold or warm weather.

NHL Themed Rink

An indoor ice rink with NHL logos

This synthetic ice rink is an ode to the NHL featuring logos of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers, and the Pittsburg Penguins. Chase your dreams of going pro while you skate on your dream home rink!

Converted Playroom Rink

An indoor syntehtic ice rink in someone's home

Your ice rink doesn’t have to be fancy to be a dream come true! The natural light in this converted room ice rink makes this a great place to skate and train.

Rustic Outdoor Rink

A neighborhood synthetic ice rink

Get the whole neighborhood together with this fenced-in ice rink. The hanging cafe lights make it a dream to skate at nighttime! There’s plenty of room for everybody to skate, and the fences help out the new skaters.

A Rink With High Ceilings

An indoor synthetic ice rink in a room with high ceilings

If you’ve got a room with high ceilings, it is a great place to put a synthetic ice rink! Make your home feel just like your local ice rink with space and tall ceilings!

Create Your Dream Home Rink with KwikRink Synthetic Ice 

indoor home ice rink in a garage or basement with synthetic ice

These home rinks vary in degrees of fancy. But they all have the same usability and require a passion for the game of hockey and other ice sports. Having a home rink allows unlimited ice time and fun. If you get creative enough, you can easily do something like this at your home, and the hockey players of the house will surely be happy.

The first step is to find an available space around your home and then send in an inquiry for a quote and free design ideas. KwikRink is the expert in the synthetic ice industry and has been designing layouts for home rinks and training centers worldwide for the last 20 years.

Editor’s note: This blog was originally published on Sep. 21, 2016, but has been updated for clarity.

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