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6 Best Uses of Artificial Ice Rinks

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Full length portrait of young female with blonde hair in fur coat, beige hat, scarf and gloves skating on artificial ice rink, outdoors

Synthetic, plastic, or artificial ice rinks are not a new concept. Artificial ice rinks have been around for hundreds of years, and those taking advantage of artificial ice rinks started mid-20th century.

Artificial ice rinks have also allowed people to enjoy ice skating anywhere at any time of the year. But how best can you use them? Here are some benefits of artificial ice rinks and how best to use them to match your personal training goals

1. Experiment on the Artificial Ice Rinks

One of the best benefits of artificial ice rinks is that they offer a nearly seamless skating surface. Though the rinks evoke the feeling of skating on a frozen stream or lake, they are much safer, allowing you to experiment with different sports and styles.

Whether you want to perfect your skills in recreational skating, ice hockey, or any other cool and exciting sporting activity, you can train at full speed without the fear of breaking the ice or tripping on the gaps in the panels. 

2. Stay in Shape With Artificial Ice Rinks

Did you know you can burn over 300 calories with only 30 minutes of ice hockey or ice skating? Since artificial ice rinks can allow you to practice games and work out all year round, you will have the perfect place to perfect your skills or burn extra calories.

These rinks offer a great way of managing weight and relieving stress. Skating provides a low-impact form of exercising with great anaerobic and aerobic benefits. The rink can help you achieve stronger calf muscles, quads, and core and better balance.  

Some ice skating exercises you can try on artificial ice rinks include shooting the duck, pistol squats, ice skating lunges, hops, and sprints. 

3. Family Outdoor Sports With the Kids

Artificial skating rink. Happy family on the ice rink. Mom and dad teach daughter to skate.

A skating rink can provide a perfect setting for a family outing. Thanks to artificial rinks, you can enjoy the activity without any concerns about chilly temperatures. You can simply leave your winter attire, such as gloves, scarves, and hats, in the closet and have a worry-free and enjoyable time with your children.  

Whether enjoying the summer breeze in the middle of summer in your private rink or practicing your hockey stops on a warm night, you can have fun, perfect your skills, and work out as a family. 

KwikRink offers self-lubricating panels. Therefore, you will not have to worry about lubricants damaging or staining your clothes. Also, since these rinks don’t require refrigeration, they are environmentally and cost-friendly. 

You needn’t be concerned about a surge in your water or electricity bills. You can install a properly sized rink in your home and reap its rewards.

4. Create an Amateur Curling Team

Curling is a fun winter sport that has existed for hundreds of years. Curling takes a sharp mind, teamwork, and endurance. This sport is fun and ideal for creating solidarity and building new friendships.

Artificial ice rinks will allow you to get your friends, family, or community together and participate in games. Over time, you can create amateur curling teams, organize tournaments and build a stronger community. 

5. A Creative Source of Income

Suppose you possess a good level of confidence in your skating abilities or have experience playing ice hockey or any other form of skating. In that case, you may consider utilizing artificial ice rinks to offer beginner classes for a fee. With this, you can conduct ice hockey lessons for both kids and adults right in the comfort of your own space.

Also, you don’t need any special gear for your class. Your students can use their regular figure or ice hockey skates to improve their skills with your guidance. You can monetize your expertise by creating and selling your own skating lessons and content.

You can use online resources to give skating tricks and tips, share stories about your journey, and more. You will need only the ideal skating surface from KwikRink and a quality camera. 

6. Strengthen Your Skills

figure skating in Artificial Ice Rinks

KwikRink’s synthetic ice provides a glide that is 90% similar to that of natural ice, with a high-density material used for the skating surface. Skating on artificial synthetic ice rinks may offer some resistance compared to natural ice, which can help you isolate your movements and enhance your overall strength as a skater. 

If you are a professional skater or hockey player, you may find this beneficial to your performance. By skating with some resistance, you may experience an increase in your speed and notice some improvement in your skills when you transition back to natural ice. 

Wrapping Up

Artificial ice rinks offer excellent ways of staying in shape, having fun with friends and family, or perfecting your skills. Are you looking for artificial ice rinks?

KwikRink Synthetic Ice is committed to helping you get your money’s worth on artificial ice rinks. We will help you choose the best artificial ice rinks for your home and install them professionally. 

Our experienced rink builders can help you select the products, sizes, and accessories to design the best artificial ice rinks for your home or business. We want you to be satisfied and feel you are treated just like a pro! Learn how we can help. Contact us today and start perfecting your skating skills. 

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