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Are Synthetic Ice Rinks Eco-Friendly?

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In our current “age of isolation” with Coronavirus, you might be thinking about installing a home ice skating rink to keep all the family skaters in practice. There’s good reason to consider a home ice skating rink in your yard, garage, or basement. KwikRink Synthetic Ice Rinks feature:

  • Easy set-up, tear-down, and storage
  • Custom design to any size space or room
  • Low maintenance
  • A long-lasting entertainment, training, and fitness outlet for your home, family, and friends

Many families wonder about the environmental impact of their recreational choices. At KwikRink Synthetic Ice, we’re proud to detail all the eco-friendly elements of our reliable and fun synthetic ice products. 

Visit our website for a custom quote on a home ice rink to fit any level floor application. Our friendly staff will help guide you through the design and installation process to create a rink you can enjoy for years to come.


No water needed

Conventional indoor ice rinks in the United States take 10,600 gallons of water to lay down a one-inch layer of ice. Factor in the additional water required for resurfacing periodically by a Zamboni, and you’ve got a water-guzzling operation for sure.

With the health and abundance of our water sources in ever-increasing uncertainty, making consumer recreational choices that limit water use is one way to help the environment. 

Synthetic ice tiles require no ice for a superior glide with skates. All the figure skating and hockey drills we do on conventional ice we can perform on KwikRink tiles just as well. 

Stopping, turning, reversing, jumping, figures, and other skills work to the skater’s advantage on synthetic ice. Skaters may develop more strength and stamina when practicing on a synthetic home ice skating rink than on conventional ice. You’ll get about 90% of the glide you would feel on traditional ice.

Low-to-no extra utility costs

Conventional ice requires a cold climate to maintain, either outdoors or indoors. Outdoor ice rinks (obviously) function only during cold months. Indoor rinks require massive amounts of energy to maintain year-round.

In addition to the estimated 347,760 gallons of water per year required to maintain an indoor rink, the electricity needed to maintain the ice and the building make arenas among the most energy-consuming places in any community.

Energy costs for conventional arenas include:

  • Ice maintenance (chilling a concrete slab with integrated cold water piping systems)
  • Lighting (building and ice surface)
  • Compressors
  • Brine pumps and fans
  • HVAC

Of course, all of these energy requirements increase the carbon footprint of conventional arenas considerably. When you customize a synthetic rink at home, you incur no extra energy consumption, other than the small amount of manpower needed to place and lock in the synthetic ice tiles.


Longevity, recyclability, and non-toxic

Yes, synthetic ice is made of plastic. However, when you buy quality tiles with a custom fit, they last up to 10 years with superior glide. At KwikRink, we sell gently used ice tiles as well as new systems to extend the use of all our products. Plus, old ice tiles can also be crushed and melted down to make new ice tiles at the end of their usability.

Installing synthetic ice over conventional ice means no additional emissions. Though every manufactured product on the market has a carbon footprint, there are no additional emissions generated to maintain your rink once installed.

Low maintenance

No, you don’t need a tiny Zamboni for a home ice rink. Installing your KwikRink is literally a snap. The tiles click and lock together with no tools. Give your tiles a daily sweep with a big, soft broom, and wet-clean them with a spray-and-wipe solution as often as needed to keep the surface free of dirt and dust.

You won’t need fuel or water for the Zamboni, harsh chemicals, or even electricity for cleaning (although you can choose to vacuum your tiles if you wish.) Plus, if you want to move or store your rink, you can lift your tiles and stack them away anytime you wish.

Home ice rinks click all the boxes


Installing a home ice rink allows you to rest easy knowing you’ve got all of the following covered:

  • Anytime fitness, practice, and entertainment for every person in your household
  • Healthy activity with no screen time
  • A “green” activity option that is eco-friendly
  • Once purchased, no additional carbon footprint necessary for ice maintenance
  • Low maintenance, cleans up in a snap without needing electricity or harsh chemicals
  • No extra maintenance equipment to purchase
  • No lapse in seasonal skill-building for hockey players, figure skaters, or leisure skaters
  • Easy set-up, tear-down, and storage to maintain the versatility of your designated rink space
  • Goes inside or outside on any level surface
  • Can be reused for up to ten years and recycled at the end of use
  • Unique source of entertainment, family time, and exercise, especially during social distancing

Trust KwikRink Synthetic Ice for your home ice rink set-up


Of course, your home environment is just as important as the global environment, especially curing Coronavirus. We’re striving to make planning, ordering, and installing your rink as care-free as possible, now and always. If you have questions about our synthetic ice systems, we have answers.

The ice rink experts at KwikRink will help you measure your space, design your rink system, select the right product for your home, and install your tiles. Of course, we’re continually updating our installation safety practices during the COVID-19 outbreak, and your health and wellness remain our top concern.

We can guide you through the entire process remotely, so you know your rink gets delivered and set up correctly for the first time. When you need in-person help and guidance, we go the extra mile to ensure we adhere to all state and local health and safety guidelines.

Further, we remain available by phone any time you have a question about your order or the installation process. We’re here to help you get the most out of your KwikRink Synthetic Ice home rink. 

Visit our website today to get a custom measurement and quote, and get on your new ice ASAP.

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