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The Best Surfaces for an Artificial Ice Skating Rink

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group of teenage friends having fun on an artificial ice skating rink

So you have decided to buy an artificial ice skating rink. Maybe you have a future hockey player in the house or perhaps are a city planner, and you’ve got the green light for a new park rink. Whatever the reason, it is time to decide where you will build for the best skating experience. 

Did you know there are many factors to consider before deciding where to build your synthetic ice rink?

  • Will it be used for hockey, figure skating, or another ice sport? 
  • Are you using the rink indoors or outdoors?
  • Is the rink for residential use or commercial use? 
  • What is the surrounding environment? Do you have space and neighbors to consider? 

If you choose KwikRink Synthetic Ice for your synthetic rink, you are at an advantage. They are leaders in natural, artificial rinks for both competitive athletes and recreational skaters. Experts at KwikRink are happy to guide you through determining where to build your rink. 

KwikRink Synthetic Ice will answer your questions effectively in regards to synthetic ice products. Reach out to them for an estimate on a customized artificial ice surface, and find out why our product is a cut above the competition. 

Continue reading for some highly useful tips on creating the perfect artificial ice skating rink. 


Determine the Needs of Your Artificial Ice Skating Rink

You certainly know if you are going to be using the rink for recreational or commercial use. You may want to consider necessary synthetic ice panels depending upon the purpose of your rink. The panel choice will vary based on the skating sport and location. 

If your rink is for commercial use, you are at an advantage by choosing a durable product: the heavier the molecular weight, the more durable the synthetic ice surface. If you are building a community rink, you will have various skaters, including hockey and figure, so high-density polymers are a solid choice. You can feel confident in a product that is both dense and durable for a community artificial ice skating rink.

For residential rinks, there are other factors to consider. Very high density polymers are best for figure skating. 

Very high density polymers are worth the investment because toe picks can create deep marks and scratches in medium or high-density comparisons. If you want an option that is guaranteed to last long and serve the needs of your figure skater, then opt for very high density polymers.

Hockey players also benefit from this extra dense skating surface. With high-density synthetic ice tiles, there will be fewer shavings, more durability, and less maintenance.

High-density synthetic panels can be an appropriate choice for home rinks too. 

cool outdoor artificial ice skating rink on grass

Decide Where You are Going to Build Your Artificial Ice Skating Rink

You need a flat surface for your rink project. You can install ice if there is a little slope, if necessary. Compensate for the slope with taller framing boards on the lower side. 

If you need to, you can level the slope when the weather is nice. Clearing and leveling the area within a few inches of the slope is effective. 

Ideal areas to build a residential rink include:

  • Surface where there is solid, firm dirt
  • Firm decks
  • Gym floors
  • Concrete garages
  • Cleared pole barns
  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Grassy, flat backyards

As you can see, there are many surface options on which you can build a residential artificial ice skating rink. The benefit over real ice is you can construct the artificial rink either indoors or outdoors! 

If you are building a commercial ice skating rink or rink for a training facility, consider additional factors. Where are you going to develop your commercial rink?

Commercial rinks can be found in many unique settings, including:

  • Malls
  • Cruise ships
  • Party centers
  • Movie theatres
  • The Las Vegas strip

Of course, you do not need to have a casino to build artificial ice rinks. Many superb commercial rinks are local:

  • Training centers and training facilities
  • Public parks
  • Ice gardens
  • City lakes
  • Downtown city parks
  • County parks
  • Most outdoor areas that would be appropriate for natural ice

The benefit of artificial commercial ice rinks is they are adaptable to any environment. You can have a rink in a county park in Arizona or a frozen pond in a Minneapolis suburb. So long as you have space and meet zoning regulations, you can build a profitable and entertaining artificial ice rink for many in the community to enjoy. 

ice skating rink outdoors near homes

What Else Do I Need to Consider Before Building an Artificial Ice Skating Rink?

Climate is a factor to consider. If you live further south in a warmer climate, artificial ice is likely your only option. You can get away with natural, thick, durable ice a few months of the year in the north.

Of course, budget is a significant factor to figure before building an artificial ice skating rink. Consider the size, age, and sport of your skaters. That may help you decide how much space you need for your rink. 

You are going to want to evaluate the total dimensions of your rink. Incorporate space for all materials needed for the rink, panels, and boards. 

It is not a bad idea to start small and grow the size if your skater continues to show interest. Growing with time is also ideal for community rinks as you can expand the size of the rink if traffic increases. Starting small will help keep start-up costs to a minimum. 

If money is a factor, consider fundraising costs to build your rink. Hockey players and figure skaters alike are dedicated to their sport. Many families would be thrilled to contribute to the effort, especially if their name is placed as thanks somewhere on the rink.

How Can KwikRink Synthetic Ice Help Me Build an Artificial Ice Skating Rink?

KwikRink Synthetic Ice is an industry leader in residential, commercial, and rental artificial ice rinks. It does not matter if you are building in the backyard or at an NHL training center. KwikRink Synthetic Ice has the experience and synthetic products that will meet the needs of your athletes. 

If you would like to learn more about artificial ice rink options, reach out to us for additional information. We are pleased to be a worldwide go-to choice for synthetic ice and can help build that miracle ice rink for your skaters. 

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