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Synthetic Ice for Figure Skating: A Comprehensive Comparison to Real Ice

Figure skating girl.

Competitive figure skating requires only the best equipment and practice space to ensure that skaters are at the top of their game. One question that often arises is whether synthetic ice tiles or natural ice offer a better skating surface for figure skaters.  This article will compare the feel, performance, and maintenance of synthetic ice for figure skating to […]

The Advantages of Ice Training at Home

two happy adults with ice skates outdoors

A good training regime is an essential element of success on the ice, but modern life can make it tough to fit in. As recent events have taught us, getting to the rink for your ice training is sometimes easier said than done. In these circumstances, you need an alternative plan of action: welcome to […]

Figure Skating Training- Easier with Synthetic Ice

Female Figure Skater

Though figure skating training is a challenging endeavor under any circumstances, you can help your skater excel with a home-based, synthetic ice rink from KwikRink Synthetic Ice. Read on for a deep dive into figure skating training techniques to practice any time of year, indoors or outside, on any size flat surface. Your skater can […]