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Guide for Coaches: Choosing a Hockey Ice Rink With Synthetic Ice vs. Natural Ice

Hockey Coach with Players at Practice

Coaching an ice hockey team, you are the leader of a small pack of enthusiastic young sports warriors. Their skill and dedication determine whether you win or lose each match, but those qualities are built with endless practice throughout the year. As the coach, choosing a hockey ice rink for team practices is up to […]

7 Differences Between Synthetic Ice and Real Ice for Ice Hockey Players

Ice-hockey players in game - the real teamwork

Ice hockey is a growing sport and arguably the most popular in the northern US and Canada. However, limited access to an ice rink to play can make it difficult for many people to train and enjoy themselves to the fullest. Or does it? Have you heard about synthetic ice? Can you imagine installing a […]

Does the NHL Use Synthetic Ice? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

National Hockey LeagueLogo of NHL club on the screen. Stenley Cup Trophy Silhouette

Hockey players are undoubtedly some of the toughest and most determined athletes out there. They display exceptional skill and resilience when playing on ice rinks, which is considered one of the most challenging conditions in sports. We, as fans, get to witness their thrilling performances and enjoy the excitement they bring to the game. However, […]

6 Best Uses of Artificial Ice Rinks

Full length portrait of young female with blonde hair in fur coat, beige hat, scarf and gloves skating on artificial ice rink, outdoors

Synthetic, plastic, or artificial ice rinks are not a new concept. Artificial ice rinks have been around for hundreds of years, and those taking advantage of artificial ice rinks started mid-20th century. Artificial ice rinks have also allowed people to enjoy ice skating anywhere at any time of the year. But how best can you […]

Get Ready for the Season with Off-Ice Hockey Training

Hockey skates hung up on a hook on a blue background.

The stinky hockey bags are tucked away, and your schedule suddenly is free. It must be the hockey off-season. Yet, you can take your next season to the next level with off-ice hockey training. Implement these exercises to get ready for next season. While off-ice training is important for strength and conditioning, having a synthetic […]

The Best Synthetic Ice for Goalies

An ice hockey goalie protecting the net.

Are you an aspiring Stanley Cup winner? Or are you an ice hockey parent who has a young hockey star? Either way, you know how crucial it is to practice your skills. The goalie is critical to his or her team’s overall success. We want to help them continue their practice outside of the rink with […]

5 Training Drills That are Perfect for Synthetic Ice

A player practicing ice hockey drills.

The saying “practice makes perfect” applies to almost anything in life, including hockey. One of the perks of having your synthetic ice rink is you can train on your own time. There are several training drills that are perfect for synthetic ice. These practice drills will help to create the skills needed for hockey.  A […]

How Is Hockey on Plastic Ice Different From Real Ice?

children play hockey on frozen pond outside

With so many recent innovations in synthetic ice technology, it’s natural to wonder how it feels to skate on “plastic ice.” There are many advantages to equipping your home or business with synthetic ice. With leading-edge materials and manufacturing, the skating “feel” of plastic ice has come a long way. Though plastic ice won’t match […]