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Year One Cost Breakdown of Rinks: Synthetic vs Natural Ice Rinks

Year One Cost Breakdown

Are you considering getting into the ice rink industry but uncertain about the costs involved? Well, look no further! Here’s a detailed year one cost breakdown of rinks, comparing two popular options: the synthetic ice rink and the natural ice rink. Understanding the financial implications during the initial seasons and beyond helps you to plan […]

How to Attract More Customers Through the 7 Cardiovascular Benefits of Skating

Young adult man using black smartwatch for ice skating. Checking heart rate before and after workout. Monitoring health with modern device. Closeup. Place for text, logo or mobile app on empty screen.

Unleash the full potential of your commercial ice rink or training center with the remarkable cardiovascular benefits of skating. While often overlooked by fitness enthusiasts, ice skating offers a thrilling and unique activity that can significantly enhance health and well-being. Whether you are a business owner or a developer in the industry, understanding these benefits […]

6 Ice Rink Operational Costs You Save Money On With Synthetic Ice

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Are you planning an event, developing a hospitality venue, or constructing a commercial ice rink? Deciding between traditional and synthetic ice may pose a significant challenge. Each has its unique allure—the authentic glide and chill of natural ice against synthetic ice’s remarkable durability and cost-effectiveness. It’s quite the decision, but we’re here to guide you […]

Supply Maintenance Tips for Ice Rinks With Synthetic Ice

the girl on the figured skates

While synthetic ice emerges as an efficient solution for rink owners and managers keen on trimming maintenance expenses, questions surrounding the upkeep of rental skates arise. Is it a common belief that synthetic ice dulls skate blades faster accurately, or merely a misperception? As synthetic ice technology has advanced significantly in recent years, it’s important […]

Does the NHL Use Synthetic Ice? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

National Hockey LeagueLogo of NHL club on the screen. Stenley Cup Trophy Silhouette

Hockey players are undoubtedly some of the toughest and most determined athletes out there. They display exceptional skill and resilience when playing on ice rinks, which is considered one of the most challenging conditions in sports. We, as fans, get to witness their thrilling performances and enjoy the excitement they bring to the game. However, […]

6 Best Uses of Artificial Ice Rinks

Full length portrait of young female with blonde hair in fur coat, beige hat, scarf and gloves skating on artificial ice rink, outdoors

Synthetic, plastic, or artificial ice rinks are not a new concept. Artificial ice rinks have been around for hundreds of years, and those taking advantage of artificial ice rinks started mid-20th century. Artificial ice rinks have also allowed people to enjoy ice skating anywhere at any time of the year. But how best can you […]

Indoor or Outdoor Synthetic Ice Rinks? The Right Option for Your Business

beautiful smiling young couple teaching ice skating on an indoor synthetic ice rink

Ice rinks are becoming increasingly popular in locations with a climate that allows for them outdoors as well as inside buildings and businesses. When choosing the right option for your business, consider the pros and cons between indoor or outdoor synthetic ice rinks. Indoor synthetic ice rinks are becoming more popular because they are environmentally […]

5 Ice Skating Tips for Helping Your Beginning Ice Skater Learn the Ropes

A girl on the rink with an ice skating support. Support for learning skating, a girl holds an aid or a helper and learning to skate outdoor in a skating rink.

Ice skating is a widely enjoyed sport in the US for people aged six years and above. The strength, control, and stability achieved through ice skating will keep your kid physically active. This might even encourage a kid to become an athletic ice skater who confidently performs in various competitions as they age. If your […]

6 Ways a Synthetic Ice Rink Can Save Money for Your Venue

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Whether you run a gym, an entertainment venue, or a training stadium, operating an ice rink is both rewarding and maintenance-heavy. Real ice requires constant conditioning, resurfacing, and temperature maintenance around the rink.  It’s a time-consuming process that most would agree is only worth the effort for the joy it brings the hundreds of skaters […]

Synthetic Ice for Figure Skating: A Comprehensive Comparison to Real Ice

Figure skating girl.

Competitive figure skating requires only the best equipment and practice space to ensure that skaters are at the top of their game. One question that often arises is whether synthetic ice tiles or natural ice offer a better skating surface for figure skaters.  This article will compare the feel, performance, and maintenance of synthetic ice for figure skating to […]