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The Best Location for Your Synthetic Ice Rink Business

people enjoying an ice skating rink business

Synthetic ice rinks have been profitable for several business owners. They draw skaters looking for entertainment, practice, or the opportunity to show off their skills. If looking to start a synthetic ice rink business, there are a few factors to consider before moving forward with the project. KwikRink Synthetic Ice offers quality synthetic ice for […]

The Feel of a Plastic Ice Skating Rink

happy children ice skating on a plastic ice skating rink

Are you considering a plastic ice skating rink so your athlete can advance in their sport? It is an investment worth considering because it gives the athlete access to practice at any time.  But does a plastic ice skating rink feel like real ice?  KwikRink Synthetic Ice has been active in the industry since the […]

How Much Does a Synthetic Ice Skating Rink Cost?

happy family ice skating on an artificial ice skating rink

When you were a child, you may have dreamed of having an ice skating rink in your backyard. With advancements in high-quality synthetic ice, this dream can now become a reality. However, you may question how much does a synthetic ice skating rink cost?  KwikRink Synthetic Ice can help you build a customized rink in […]

Yes, There Is An Affordable Ice Rink For Your Business!

group of young friends having fun on an ice rink

You know that you can take your business to the next level with an affordable ice rink. But how do you afford to install a synthetic ice rink in your business? With KwikRink’s rent-to-own program, of course. The team at KwikRink Synthetic Ice believes ice time is any time and should be available to everyone. […]

The Best Surfaces for an Artificial Ice Skating Rink

group of teenage friends having fun on an artificial ice skating rink

So you have decided to buy an artificial ice skating rink. Maybe you have a future hockey player in the house or perhaps are a city planner, and you’ve got the green light for a new park rink. Whatever the reason, it is time to decide where you will build for the best skating experience.  […]

How to Make an Indoor Ice Rink in Your Home or Business

indoor home ice rink in a garage or basement with synthetic ice

When it comes to indoor artificial ice rinks, most people think they could never afford such a luxury. Perhaps it would work in a professional setting, but a residential space? It doesn’t seem possible.  Think again. Enter KwikRink Synthetic Ice!  It turns out that indoor artificial ice is actually THE next big thing in ice sports. […]

The Best Ice Skating Rinks in the US

Couple skating

When it comes to ice skating, we have more choices than ever. From top outdoor rinks, fantastic indoor rinks, to even synthetic ice rinks in our own backyard, the discerning skater can find the exact experience he or she wants.  If you are the parent of an ice skater, or a proud skater yourself, you […]