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Building an Ice Rink for Cities and HOAs: A Smart Investment

Ice skating rink in the city

Ice rinks are becoming increasingly popular in urban areas. An ice rink for cities and HOAs creates a focal point for social interaction, encourages physical activity, promotes healthy competition, and fosters a sense of community pride. Whether you’re a city planner looking to provide a new recreational space or an HOA member aiming to enhance your community’s […]

Indoor or Outdoor Synthetic Ice Rinks? The Right Option for Your Business

beautiful smiling young couple teaching ice skating on an indoor synthetic ice rink

Ice rinks are becoming increasingly popular in locations with a climate that allows for them outdoors as well as inside buildings and businesses. When choosing the right option for your business, consider the pros and cons between indoor or outdoor synthetic ice rinks. Indoor synthetic ice rinks are becoming more popular because they are environmentally […]

Yes, There Is An Affordable Ice Rink For Your Business!

group of young friends having fun on an ice rink

You know that you can take your business to the next level with an affordable ice rink. But how do you afford to install a synthetic ice rink in your business? With KwikRink’s rent-to-own program, of course. The team at KwikRink Synthetic Ice believes ice time is any time and should be available to everyone. […]

How to Create the Best Hockey Training Program

Floor level shot of hockey player sliding on their side, head first towards the camera

Creating a top-notch training program is essential for taking your team to higher levels of performance and making more than the perfect pass. Cultivating a fun, positive, and focused environment will make your training center the one everyone wants to be a part of and your team the talk of the town. A well-rounded program […]

How to Create a Synthetic Ice Rink Rental Business Plan

KwikRink Synthetic Ice practice goal

Most people mistakenly believe it takes millions of dollars to open and run their own business. While you certainly can spend as much money as you want building and operating a new organization, it’s just as easy to launch a business with low start-up costs and a fun operations model, like a synthetic ice rink […]

Great Ideas for Hockey-Themed Businesses

KwikRink Synthetic Ice practice goal

Hockey has steadily been gaining popularity among people of all ages in the last several years. This increase in demand has led to many opportunities for new hockey businesses. KwikRink Synthetic Ice rinks do not require a lot of space, maintenance, money, or time. Synthetic ice is not affected by weather or temperature, and best […]

Could a Synthetic Ice Rink Revitalize Your Shopping Center?

Long exposure image of colorful people walking around a shopping mall

Getting people to come to you is a challenge when just about every shopping and retail activity can be done online. But nothing can beat the atmosphere of a thriving, people-centric shopping mall, where visitors can shop, relax, converse, eat and drink, and enjoy leisure activities. Why not check out the synthetic ice rink rent […]

How to Create A Hockey Training Center Business Plan

two men dressed in business casual working around a desk with a laptop and papers

With hockey popularity on the rise nation-wide, creating a hockey program could be a natural boon to several types of community spaces. If you manage or associate with a community center, church, or school recreation program, you may have an ideal facility for ice hockey rink dimensions. Even if your region never gets cold enough […]

Holiday Synthetic Ice Rink Rentals Around the US

synthetic ice rink surrounded by white fencing and trees wrapped in white lights

The joy of a white Christmas is not a blessing everyone can experience. Lack of snow and cold needn’t stop would-be skaters from experiencing a winter wonderland in the form of an outdoor skating rink, though. Living in warmer climates does not mean your business or community can’t benefit from an outdoor skating rink. Synthetic […]

Do You Need a Hockey Training Center in Your Town

With around half a million registered hockey players in the USA alone, and the numbers continuing to rise around the world, it is clear that hockey is a sport that is growing in popularity. The problem with this growing popularity is the increasing demand for ice time. Practice ice time is limited, and the traditional […]