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Year One Cost Breakdown of Rinks: Synthetic vs Natural Ice Rinks

Year One Cost Breakdown

Are you considering getting into the ice rink industry but uncertain about the costs involved? Well, look no further! Here’s a detailed year one cost breakdown of rinks, comparing two popular options: the synthetic ice rink and the natural ice rink. Understanding the financial implications during the initial seasons and beyond helps you to plan […]

Indoor or Outdoor Synthetic Ice Rinks? The Right Option for Your Business

beautiful smiling young couple teaching ice skating on an indoor synthetic ice rink

Ice rinks are becoming increasingly popular in locations with a climate that allows for them outdoors as well as inside buildings and businesses. When choosing the right option for your business, consider the pros and cons between indoor or outdoor synthetic ice rinks. Indoor synthetic ice rinks are becoming more popular because they are environmentally […]

Ice Skate on a Hot Tin Roof?  With Synthetic Ice Tiles, You Can!

Skate on Your Deck, in the Sun

When you think of ice skating, you probably think of a winter landscape scene, a frozen pond or a lake and bundled-up skaters holding hands. Maybe you think about Rockefeller Center or another public plaza that installs an ice rink in winter, or your mind conjures images of a Zamboni coming out to surface the […]

Synthetic Ice Rinks: How do They Work and How Long do they Last?

Synthetic ice, the new rage

What Are You Skating On? When you apply pressure to ice, it melts. When you ice skate, the blade of your skate presses against the ice which creates a thin film of water that acts as a lubricant to allow the blade to slide. While skating, you are really skating on a thin film of […]

Cool Places to Build Synthetic Ice Rinks

home synthetic ice rink

If you think you need a covered stadium to build an ice skating or hockey rink, think again!  The advent of cool, ice-less synthetic rinks means that you can create a place to skate year-round in all kinds of nifty places, and this includes your very own backyard! At KwikRink Synthetic Ice,™ we’ve been involved […]

Synthetic Ice Underlay – Is it Necessary?

Is an underlay for my new synthetic ice rink necessary? Well, this depends on a lot of variables. It is very important that the synthetic ice panels be laid on top of a hard and flat surface. In this article, we will dive into three categories that all sub-floors fall into when it comes to […]

10 Dream Home Rinks

KwikRink Synthetic Ice practice goal

At KwikRink we have serviced several private residences with their own home ice advantage. KwikRink are the experts in the synthetic ice industry, and have been designing layouts for home rinks and training centers around the world for the last 20 years.

A Look Inside an Installation: The Hockey Headquarters

The Hockey Headquarters synthetic ice rink built by KwikRink

You can find a beautiful synthetic ice facility in Sioux Falls, SD. The Hockey Headquarters did not hold anything back with their 76′ x 32′ size training rink (pictured below).  In front of the building is a full on hockey store, selling the latest and greatest skates and twigs to hit the market. The rink is located in the back, and is fully equipped with NHL style boards and glass.