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How Long Does a Synthetic Ice Rink Last? Everything You Need To Know

Ice skating without suitable attire requires a high tolerance for freezing temperatures. With synthetic ice, hockey players and figure skaters can finally practice and play without numbing their extremities.  But the comfort of skaters isn’t the only consideration for owners of ice rinks. There are also cost and maintenance factors, construction timelines, and the question […]

Artificial Ice Rinks vs. Traditional Ice Rinks: What are the Key Differences?

The world of ice sports has undergone a remarkable transformation with the emergence of artificial ice rinks. This innovation has sparked a lively discussion among ice sports enthusiasts, professionals, and casual skaters alike. What’s the debate all about? Typically, it centers on the merits of artificial ice rinks versus their traditional counterparts.  In this blog […]

An Icy Revolution: The Rise of Synthetic Ice Skating Tiles

Dreaming of having your own ice skating rink right at home? With synthetic ice skating tiles, this dream is close to reality.  These tiles are durable and easy to install on any level, solid surface. Combine this convenience with your passion for ice sports, and the idea becomes even more enticing. At KwikRink, we understand […]