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The Best Surfaces for an Artificial Ice Skating Rink

group of teenage friends having fun on an artificial ice skating rink

So you have decided to buy an artificial ice skating rink. Maybe you have a future hockey player in the house or perhaps are a city planner, and you’ve got the green light for a new park rink. Whatever the reason, it is time to decide where you will build for the best skating experience.  […]

How to Make Your Portable Ice Rink Stand Out

figure skaters on a rooftop synthetic ice rink with a sunny Chicago skyline in the background

Are you thinking of adding a synthetic ice rink to attract more customers? Maybe you are wondering how beneficial it will be, how much you will actually use it? Maybe you already have a portable ice rink, and you are looking for ways to expand it as an attraction. Are you wondering how you can […]

Holiday Synthetic Ice Rink Rentals Around the US

synthetic ice rink surrounded by white fencing and trees wrapped in white lights

The joy of a white Christmas is not a blessing everyone can experience. Lack of snow and cold needn’t stop would-be skaters from experiencing a winter wonderland in the form of an outdoor skating rink, though. Living in warmer climates does not mean your business or community can’t benefit from an outdoor skating rink. Synthetic […]

Do You Need a Hockey Training Center in Your Town

With around half a million registered hockey players in the USA alone, and the numbers continuing to rise around the world, it is clear that hockey is a sport that is growing in popularity. The problem with this growing popularity is the increasing demand for ice time. Practice ice time is limited, and the traditional […]

The Latest Trend in Hockey Training Centers

Hockey players sit on the bench during the match.

Hockey is enjoying a boom in recent years. The National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA) reports that in the 18 states and the District of Columbia that play under NFHS rules, hockey participation is up from 44,669 players in 2017, to 44,933 players last year. A surge in girls’ hockey programs since 2013 has resulted in […]

10 Best Gifts for Hockey Skaters

Ice Skating Shoes

If you’re a hockey parent or relative, you know the equipment demands of the sport are endless. Between pads, gloves, sticks, skates, and more, hockey players go through equipment with each growth spurt if not every season. The holidays can be an effective way to combine gifts your team member wants with items they truly […]

How To Ice Skate on a Synthetic Ice Rink

home synthetic ice rink

Plastics were first used as a substitute for ice for skating in the 1960s. Synthetic ice rinks were made from materials such as polyoxymethylene plastic, developed by DuPont in the 1950s. In 1982, the first full-sized artificial rinks were produced with High-Density Plastics. They were completed using interlocking panels. So, artificial ice has been around […]

No Zamboni Needed for Artificial Ice

Synthetic Ice Rent with Option to Buy Program

Have you ever thought about installing an ice rink? If so, you have stumbled upon a great way to increase revenue. The ice rink industry has seen an annual percentage growth of 2.6%. In 2019 alone, the annual revenue for the ice rink industry was 883 million dollars. Unfortunately, traditional ice rinks are expensive to […]

Just how big does a skating rink need to be?


When most of us think of ice rinks, we imagine large arenas, filled with cheering crowds. We picture a vast expanse of ice upon which 12 hockey players battle for victory. Or, we see a lone figure skater accelerating down the ice toward a series of impressive jumps and spins. Alternatively, we may picture a […]

Synthetic Ice Underlay – Is it Necessary?

Is an underlay for my new synthetic ice rink necessary? Well, this depends on a lot of variables. It is very important that the synthetic ice panels be laid on top of a hard and flat surface. In this article, we will dive into three categories that all sub-floors fall into when it comes to […]