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Choosing the Best Synthetic Ice

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Putting in a rink is a fun and exciting process that can take your winter sports game to the next level. For over 20 years, we have placed synthetic ice rinks in homes, practice arenas, and other venues. We believe using the best synthetic ice around will guarantee full use of your rink for years to come.

A synthetic ice rink is an excellent addition to any home with athletes who love winter sports. They can fit into most spaces, whether in a driveway, basement, or an NHL practice facility. Having your home rink can save time and money in the long run. 

Booking ice time can be difficult and expensive for athletes and families. Ice time isn’t when you want it to be, but when the rink is available. You may also pay extra if you’re going to have time on your own without having to navigate fellow skaters.

KwikRink Synthetic Ice hopes to provide winter sports enthusiasts with a rink that skates as close to natural ice as possible. Be sure to visit our site today for a free quote! We service nationwide, and we look forward to working with you. 

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Your Rink Your Way 

Before giving a quote, you must set expectations for your rink. These are often points we discuss when planning a rink with our clients. 

Who will use the rink?

Is this rink for a serious athlete, or is it for the family to have some serious fun? The number of skaters who will use the rink is also something to consider as it affects the rink’s size and where you place it. 

The ability of those using the rink may also be something to consider when planning. 

Where will your rink go?

One of the reasons we love our rinks is they fit just about anywhere. We have installed single lanes to practice skating fundamentals. We have also built them to cover both basement and arena floors. 

The location of your rink isn’t something that has to be permanent. Our synthetic ice comes in panels that fit together like puzzle pieces. You can move the panels easily and adjust the size by adding or removing pieces.

Mobility is an excellent feature because your rink can change when your needs for it do. The panels can also be stored if needed. 

Bells and Whistles

Personalization is one of the most fun parts of the designing process. Any of our rinks can be tricked out to your specification. 

  • Shooting traps 
  • Netting and plexiglass
  • Training aids 
  • Colored markings 
  • Dasher boards
  • Goals and nets 


The Best Synthetic Ice 

Since the 1990s, we have significantly upgraded our ice panels four different times. We’ve also made many minor changes to our panels over the years. We see it as our duty to change with technology to deliver the best synthetic ice possible.

Through the decades, we have seen companies build synthetic ice that doesn’t grow with technology. These panels are too hard, meaning the skates can’t dig in, or too soft to the point where skaters can only move straight.

These panels can’t compare to actual ice and do not give customers an ideal skating experience.

Our top product is about 90% of the speed of real ice. This means it can be dug into without being too soft and can withstand hockey stops and jumps from figure skaters.

Each panel is 4×8 feet and made of lubricated plastic, designed to be low maintenance. The upkeep is as simple as sweeping dirt from the rink and occasionally gently mopping it. 

In addition to the ease of installation, the low maintenance nature of our panels makes us stand out in our industry. Our panels come in different sizes and can last a decade of skating with proper care.

Regular maintenance doesn’t stop at sweeping and cleaning. Proper skate sharpening contributes to the authentic feel of our ice. Having skates that are kept sharp also encourages care for your equipment no matter your sport or season.

In a recent blog, we speak about how important the quality of ice can be for hockey players as they play and practice. Information in this post applies to anyone who skates on real or synthetic ice. 

Our ice’s very high molecular weight supports skating over time and will help maintain a great surface. Our panels’ lubrication offers push and the friction necessary to recreate a real ice skating experience.

We want to give our customers a skate that feels as real as possible with little upkeep, no Zamboni needed. We know everyone loves to watch a Zamboni, but they aren’t always practical.

Using the best materials available and changing as technology advances makes our synthetic ice panels great for personal and professional rinks alike. 

Make it Personal 

No matter your skill set or space available, we have a rink for you. We happily serve customers worldwide, bringing them a personal skating experience contributing to both physical and emotional health wellbeing.

According to NeuroRuber, an online health publication, ice skating can boost moods and relax those who lace-up. We want to be a part of the experience for our clients, no matter their ability or location.

KwikRink Synthetic Ice has had the honor of serving clients worldwide and has installed rinks everywhere from driveways to cruise ships. Each rink is unique to its owner and brings joy, exercise, and the very best synthetic ice product on the market.

We invite you to visit our site today to get ideas for your rink and get a free quote. There are several pictures of rinks we have built you can glean ideas from to make your rink the best it can be!

We look forward to working with you to build a rink guaranteed to provide memories and fun for your family. 

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