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Are you interested in adding a synthetic ice rink to your property? KwikRink Synthetic Ice offers the most cost-effective alternative to natural ice that you can find. It’s customizable to meet your specifications and designed to last in any climate.

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Why You Should Choose KwikRink Synthetic Ice

KwikRink is an industry leader that has found success in three key areas: pioneering technology, elite performance, and product. We create custom rinks for homes, public events, and professional training centers. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the most realistic surface available on the market. We have installed synthetic rinks for NHL teams, including the Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Islanders. Other clients include NCAA/Junior hockey teams, municipalities, community centers, cruise ships and luxury resorts, Hollywood movie sets, and more.

We have two options for our synthetic sheets: the 3/8″ thick sheet that lasts 7-12 years (heavy use) and the ½” thick sheet that lasts 12-15 years (heavy use). Both options are designed to withstand high-intensity training regimens of competitive hockey and figure skating. Our synthetic ice technology contains large (roughly) 8 x 4-foot panels that are quick to install and easier to maintain than natural ice.

Our performance is unmatched. The 5th generation PRO surface features 90% of the glide possible on natural ice. Whether it’s intense hockey training, figure skating, or leisure skating, it can be done on KwikRink Synthetic Ice. The slight resistance of synthetic ice will help make for a stronger skater and makes it easier for novice skaters to learn. All movements and skating maneuvers mimic real ice.

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EXPERIENCED: We have experience. We've been in the business since 1996.


HIGH-TECH: High-tech designs. We're constantly improving our products. We're on our 5th Generation surface, which features 90% of the glide found on natural ice.


GLOBAL: We're a global retailer. Our products can be found on five continents.


DURABLE: Durable configuration. Our products are low maintenance and can last up to 15+ years. You can even park your car on it without leaving a scratch.


EASY: Easy to install. Our Lock-Rink technology makes putting it together and taking it apart as easy as doing a puzzle.


ADAPTABLE: Adapt to your needs. We can build a rink of any size with the option to easily construct or add to it later. We also offer full customization; goal creases, red/blue lines, etc.

Customize Your Rink

Fill out a quote including the measurements and features you need for your rink to get a price estimate.

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Client Testimonials

Commited to Client Satisfaction

The product is great and durable. Brett and Don were so helpful at coming out to my house to take measurements of my basement, and provide great recommendations on utilizing the space I had. My basement is only 20′ x 13′, which was plenty of room for doing a lot of stick and hockey drills. Don and Brett even installed the product for me and the overall price for the entire package was well worth it and affordable. We skate almost everyday since it was installed. :)”

– James Blekestad

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A KwikRink Synthetic Ice® Rink is guaranteed to be a hit!

Synthetic Ice is a leading company in the industry because of our top-quality product performance. The minimal upkeep, self-lubrication, and easy installation are just a few of the reasons why commercial properties choose us over our competitors. Our products are designed to withstand the roughness of hockey games, competitive figure skating routines, and more!

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