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The Feel of a Plastic Ice Skating Rink

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happy children ice skating on a plastic ice skating rink

Are you considering a plastic ice skating rink so your athlete can advance in their sport? It is an investment worth considering because it gives the athlete access to practice at any time. 

But does a plastic ice skating rink feel like real ice? 

KwikRink Synthetic Ice has been active in the industry since the mid-1990s. We not only help people with residential plastic ice skating rinks but also communities and professional training centers. Our experts were pioneers of synthetic ice surfaces. We strive to be on the cutting edge of advancements in artificial ice.

We are confident when we say that a KwikRink plastic ice skating rink truly does feel like real ice.


How Does Synthetic Ice Work?

To understand how synthetic ice works, it is important to know how a blade works on natural ice. There is science behind the mechanism of action.  

If you apply pressure to ice, it melts. As you skate, your blade is applying pressure to the ice, creating a thin film of water. This water gives the blade the lubrication it needs to glide. 

Plastic ice skating rinks imitate this action by using high-density synthetic ice panels and a proprietary glide additive. The result is a realistic, quality artificial ice surface. 

Synthetic rinks are perfect for hockey training and figure skating. So long as you install high-quality panels, there should be little friction when skating. Friction can impact the skating experience and dull blades.

Plastic ice rinks must be made of high-quality material to reduce friction and recreate a true authentic ice experience. If skaters can flow on a synthetic ice skating rink, they can reach their greatest potential.

What Does It Feel Like to Skate on Synthetic Ice? 

With high-quality panels, plastic ice skating rinks can feel very close to natural ice. Skaters can maneuver horizontally and vertically with ease. 

Skaters can glide with ease on quality plastic skating rinks. The glide factor is an important consideration as friction increases the amount of energy needed to skate. Poor skating surface impacts performance and training ability.

Another important consideration is the glide factor on natural ice starts at 100%. Within a few hours, the glide factor reduces to 80%. The wonderful thing about plastic ice skating rinks is the glide factor does not diminish. 

Artificial ice rinks allow you to have the flexibility for the sport. Hockey players can move about practicing shooting drills in the garage in their shoes. Figure skaters can practice routines and techniques in their actual skates! 

The feel of high-quality plastic ice skating rinks is a huge benefit. Still, there are other amazing perks to synthetic ice. 


Are There Benefits to Synthetic Ice? 

A certain benefit to synthetic ice is the panels leave minimal mess. Investing in self-lubricating panels decreases shavings and abrasions in the plastic surface. It creates less mess and benefits the blade, keeping it sharp and requiring less frequent sharpening. 

Plastic panels require no electricity or water to maintain. Plastic ice skating rinks save money on utilities and also time spent flooding or maintaining the rink. Plastic panels require no refrigeration, so no need to worry about excessive electricity bills.

Plastic ice rinks are the ideal training tool because you can practice all year long. Play ice hockey outside in the summer on your skates! Your backyard or basement can be your training center at any time of the year. 

Also, synthetic panels are portable. If you move homes or decide to move your rink to a larger space, the panels can be easily be taken apart and put back together in the new location. 

Finally, one of the best things about a plastic ice skating rink is it is easy to clean. All you need is a broom to mop the surface. Much easier to maintain than a Zamboni cruising through like you see at the ice rink!

You’ll find a plastic ice skating rink is a great addition for all to enjoy in the home. 

kid skating on synthetic ice with skate aid

How Does it Feel to Have a Plastic Ice Skating Rink at Home? 

Of course, the best thing about having a plastic ice skating rink at home is making it your training facility! No need to take trips to the rink and spend precious time driving or sitting at the rink at inconvenient rink times. 

A plastic ice skating rink at home is an investment that will last for several years. Hockey players will be able to get the practice they need to become the best athlete possible in their sport. Skaters can enjoy the experience year in and year out. It is entertainment for all. 

Panels can last from 7 years up to over a decade, dependent upon thickness and quality. Panels can upstand through the high-intensity demand training required by competitive hockey and figure skaters. 

You can customize your rink to your liking with accessories. You can add dashboards, goalie creases, lines, face-off dots, and custom circles to give your home rink the feel of an ice arena. 

To give your plastic ice rink the look and feel of natural ice, be sure to purchase everything you need from a trusted professional in the synthetic ice business. 

KwikRink Synthetic Ice: Experts in the Development and Application of Synthetic Ice

Our synthetic ice panels give 90% of the glide of real ice. KwikRink Synthetic Ice not only serves those who want a plastic ice skating rink in their home but also communities and training centers. 

We are proud to serve clients not only nationwide but across five continents worldwide. You are not alone in your decision to try a synthetic rink, and we are here to help you every step of the way. 

Visit our website today, and get a free quote. Be on your way to building a plastic ice skating rink you will be sure to enjoy for many seasons moving forward. 

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