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Have You Considered a Portable Ice Skating option?

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Are you one of those people or organizations who think year-round ice is the ultimate paradise? Then you’ll enjoy what we have to share about creating portable skating places.

Think “pop-up” skating rink, if you will. It’s possible, convenient, enjoyable, functional, and affordable. Plan your next game, practice, or special event with KwikRink Synthetic Ice and gain insight on some unique portable ice applications.

At KwikRink Synthetic Ice, we specialize in making your all-season ice wishes real with state-of-the-art synthetic surfaces. Call us today to customize your project or event.

Conference time is skating time.

A synthetic ice system is a great way to bring ice-sport specific expos or training conferences to your venue. Our portable rinks feature a unique click-and-lock assembly protocol that goes together with ease.

For corporate events, skating entertainment is a great way to “wow” your client’s attendees with something unexpected. From small to large event spaces, KwikRink has a modular synthetic system that fits your needs.

Synthetic ice is a novel way to invite those attendees to take a break from lectures and workshops during the day. Open lobby space is ideal for a synthetic ice rink.

Your client and their attendees will remember walking into your venue and seeing a fully functional ice rink and skating for a lifetime. Your clients will be able to offer their attendees practical instruction and demonstrations on the spot.

The real-world practice of new techniques comes right into the lecture hall with our versatile systems. We can outfit a space from just a few squares of tile for ice demos, to ballrooms and expo halls.

Need a fun event extra? Add a portable skating rink.

Our portable skating systems are functional on any flat surface.  If you’ve got a backyard or park space that will house your next event, why not add a little extra flair and delight with an ice rink?

Not only do we rent the ice rink, but we also provide rental skates, decorative fencing, and rubber mats to get on and off the ice. Portable skate places with KwikRink Synthetic Ice are a total no-brainer.

We can accommodate nearly any space both outside and inside. Your event-goers will enjoy the thrill of winter skating at any time of the year.

The off-season is the best season for synthetic ice.

Summer hockey or figure skating practice times may be a little hard to come by if you live in an area without indoor frozen water rinks. With a synthetic ice portable rink, you can keep your team or private students in tip-top shape in the off-season.

KwikRink portable synthetic ice rinks work both indoors and outdoors. If you’ve got access to a gym floor, a flat open field, an outdoor hockey rink, or even a conference room, there’s a portable rink system for that.

Plus, with the portability of our rinks, you can rotate practice space and time to accommodate different family schedules during the summer.

Turn your garage into a rink.

For the ice-sport family, kids always benefit from extra practice. Why not set up a little practice ice in the garage?

The tiles fit together quickly for a few rounds of shot practice or transition drills. Once practice time is over, the ice tiles come apart and stack up neatly in your garage for the next use.

How much time does it take to set up a rink?

Of course, the size of the rink you want will impact the set-up and tear-down time. However, installation is a snap. Sections of synthetic ice interlock like puzzle pieces and seal seamlessly.

There’s little need for tools, as the floor pieces press together by hand, and the seams disappear. With both rental and purchased rinks, we do a full install for you in the space you designate.

With a rental rink, we’ll also take your arena down at the end of your rental term. With a purchased rink, we’re always available for customer service and assistance. Removing and storing your rink is so easy, we doubt you’ll need us.

It works like real ice.

Though it may be hard to believe, KwikRink synthetic ice systems work just like real ice. You can perform any hockey, figure, or pleasure skating maneuvers on our ice just like you would do on frozen water on a lake or field.

Imagine hockey stops, jumps, spins, direction reversals, and more executed effortlessly.  Here’s a video link to show you what KwikRink synthetic ice looks like in action.

Create a community with portable skating places.

Ice skating is not just for hockey players and figure skaters. Skating is a community-building opportunity. Further, with KwikRink Synthetic Ice, you can create those communities in any flat space.

In our fast-paced, digital world, any chance to get both kids and adults doing activities “in real life” teaches team-building and communication skills. It also provides an alternative kind of interactive entertainment.

In rural and urban areas where families and individuals may not have access to a large number of sports and other activities, ice skating would be especially appealing.

Think about it: your portable ice rink could provide hours of healthy, active, team-building entertainment in your:

  • Church
  • School
  • Community Center
  • Event hall
  • Fire Station
  • Police Station
  • Hospital

Recreational league set-up, private skating lessons, and community ice time are easily added to your space to enhance the general quality of life and community-building initiatives.

Additionally, skating programs can provide another revenue stream to add to your organization’s budget. With a portable ice skating space, you’ll establish reliable business income long after your initial rink investment.

Remember, our rink systems are fully portable, so set-up, tear-down, and storage are fast and convenient. Your ice-time can blend in well to the rest of the programming in your space.

Visit our website today to configure your rink. We’ll be on hand to answer all your questions and schedule your installation. We bring skating, community building, and active enjoyment wherever you want it.

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