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Add a Home Hockey Rink to Your Next Build or Remodel

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synthetic ice flooring built into a spare room

Are you building a new home or remodeling your existing one and thinking about adding something unique. Do you have a young hockey player who aspires to be the next Sidney Crosby or Natalie Darwitz hockey superstar? Do you want an excellent form of exercise for the whole family? Then a home hockey rink is an ideal choice.

If you are a construction company striving to build “the next best thing” in the neighborhood, consider adding a home hockey rink to the plans. For a remodel, creatively convert an extra space, such as an attic, spare bedroom, garage, or unfinished basement.

In a new construction home, instead of adding a four-season porch, incorporate a unique feature such as a home hockey ice rink. In any case, you may be the envy of the neighborhood.

Take a look at these examples of how you might want your finished rink to look. Then contact us at KwikRink today to get started on your home project.

Add value to your home

Add an indoor synthetic ice practice area similar to the indoor practice courts we are seeing on upscale model homes using artificial ice flooring. Install synthetic ice over existing hardwood or concrete.

The home hockey rink uses a synthetic ice surface that is suitable for those who want to skate for entertainment, for budding superstars, and even for the high-level athlete. In no time, you can have your rink set up and ready for use.

Your future hockey stars, figure skaters, and general skating enthusiasts can begin perfecting his/her skills. Extra practice is key in boosting confidence in skating, executing training exercises during practice, and enhancing performance on the ice during a game.

Believe it or not, a KwikRink synthetic ice surface feels like the real thing. Skate blades glide with little friction. The artificial surface does not negatively impact the skater’s speed and ability to navigate drills and exercises.

We take pride in developing technology that will not cause skaters to slow down as they change from forward to backward skating, both of which skaters need to complete drills and other training aids.

Not only does the ice surface feel natural, but it is long-lasting and “self-lubricating,” so it does not dry-up. It is impossible to skate on a dry surface. Invest in a product that will last for years and add value to your home.

Save time and money

You don’t need to have a big backyard or live in a cold climate to have the convenience of a personal skating rink. This convenience will save you time and money,

You won’t need to pay for a costly gym membership or hire a personal trainer because ice skating is a year-round activity that can provide excellent physical fitness benefits. It is something fun you can do with the entire family too.

You won’t have to worry about sending your child somewhere else to practice or devoting time to arranging rides and driving your child around to other rinks. Save your hard-earned cash by spending less on gas and ice-time rental fees.

Don’t lose any more practice time because a snowstorm kept you from getting to the rink. Or not being able to skate outside because of dangerous wind chills or melting ice.

Spend more time practicing and being with family instead of driving around to whichever rink has open ice-time tonight. Believe it or not, your child may enjoy more quality time at home, practicing with friends, and being close to you instead of running off somewhere else.

Arial shot of a synthetic ice hockey rink in a summer setting

Better than a pool or traditional ice rink

Having a synthetic ice rink in the convenience of your home has many advantages. Unlike an outdoor ice rink, a synthetic rink requires very little time to put together and is low maintenance.

You don’t need to clear off an indoor synthetic rink due to precipitation, or constantly tweaked due to changing weather conditions. You can eliminate the worry of having your ice rink melt, and the time spent clearing your yard for set up, or the constant efforts to maintain the ice surface with a synthetic ice rink.

Outdoor pools are also costly to install and maintain. And, unless you live in a tropical climate, or the north pole, outdoor pools, and traditional ice rinks are limited to short, weather-appropriate seasons.

The KwikRink synthetic ice surface is affordable, easy to install, convertible, and adaptable. The design of the synthetic ice tiles allows them to be put together with ease, much like puzzle pieces.

The entire system can be separated, removed, and reinstalled in a short time frame. These rinks are tailor-made to fit in any area; the main requirement is that it is a flat surface.

These artificial ice rinks can also have the appearance of an authentic hockey rink. Add markings specific to playing hockey, including goal crease lines, face-off spots, and circles patterns.

Hockey is a growing trend and is no longer limited to cold climates, so adding a synthetic rink is desirable in many different weather conditions. You don’t need a full-size rink to perform many of the drills and exercises; you can even hold a small scrimmage on this surface.

Best of all, your skating enthusiasts won’t have to abandon their favorite activity just because the season changed. There will be no more excuses for lapses in working on their skating and hockey skills, and for exercising year around.

Make it a memorable home

A synthetic ice rink is kind to your pocket-book and can save you time and money. You don’t need to rack up a large water bill to create and maintain the rink.

It is durable and is not affected by changing weather conditions, and it has very minimal upkeep costs. It doesn’t require any special refrigeration or other equipment to maintain – you only need to invest in a quality broom or mop.

If you need to sell your home, it should attract buyers who are looking for something different and will increase the value of the house.

Saving you time and money, while still making your home the place to be and memorable — a great addition to your home for today and the future. Contact KwikRink for a consultation on how to add a rink to your new home or remodel design today.

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