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How a Portable Ice Rink Can Help Your Event

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Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

That is really what you want to do, isn’t it? You want to change the world. Maybe just a little piece of it. That’s why you are inspired to create this grand event.

Something that will draw people to your cause, make them aware of it, help them understand it, and maybe raise funds for it — all to change the world.

Adding a portable ice rink to your next event may be just what it takes to make it genuinely grand and world-changing. Contact KwikRink today for all your synthetic ice rink rental needs including:

  • Custom-sized synthetic ice rink panels tailored to your needs
  • Decorative fencing
  • Rental skates
  • Skate sharpeners
  • On-site supervision and installation

To get started creating a truly successful event, do the following:

Define your purpose

Determine if the objective of your event is to raise funds or awareness around a cause. Or is it to promote a product or service? Perhaps you want to create a sense of community or a safe space for people of all kinds to gather.

Ask yourself — what is your why? What values are you trying to promote? The purpose of this event will be an extension of those values.

A skating event is a fun, creative, healthy way to unify people around your purpose.

Now that you have your purpose define your goal

General goodwill and giving back to the community are not sufficient goals. Getting specific around your event objectives will create more success on the day of your event. Raising funds or connecting with a particular demographic are more specific goals.

Next, be sure your goals are measurable. Define the exact dollar amount you want to raise. Set a number as to how many people you must educate on your topic.

Then, make your goals achievable. If you hope to draw people from all over town or even the state, you’ll need to go beyond selling discount cards to local businesses.

If your organization has a significant financial need, a local bake sale isn’t going to cut it. When you set your goal, make sure you can see your way to achieving it.

Relevant goals are also critical to a successful event. Getting everyone to wear purple may be a goal if that color will raise awareness for a cause.

But, if your primary goal is fundraising, wearing purple isn’t relevant. Charging an extra admission fee for not wearing purple might cover both bases, though, for example.

Lastly, goals need to be timely. Determine a timeframe within which to achieve your goal. Could this event run for weeks or months? Determine how you will keep it fresh and relevant if it goes on for an extended period.

When you plan a portable ice event, you can craft your timeframe and delivery to ensure all your planning is organized well before the synthetic ice tiles arrive at your venue.

Now define your audience

How successful will your event be if your goal is to raise awareness around the working conditions of nurses, and you plan your event inside a hospital? That audience is already well aware of their working conditions.

Define who you are trying to reach and where you can reach them. Research where and how they spend their time. Determine the types of activities they enjoy. You will need all these answers if you’re going to attract them to your event.

Remember, it’s a breeze for many people to skate on our synthetic ice. We even provide the rental skates and instruction for your audience. Plus, you can ensure comfort indoors on any flat surface. No need for parkas and scarves.

And your budget

Now for the dreaded question – what is your budget? You will need some idea as to the size and duration of the event you can plan. If you are thinking your funds are inadequate to pull off something exceptional, try partnering with businesses in your area.

Other business or related causes may want to team up with you. Ask if they would be willing to contribute funds or products or time. They may be willing to take on some of the marketing efforts (keep reading) with some co-advertising. You don’t have to do this all alone.

If fundraising is one of your goals, make sure your budget is well below that goal; otherwise, you will have had a great event, but not achieved its purpose.

With KwikRink’s budget-friendly customization, we’ll craft a rink that enables you to maximize your profit on ticket sales or donations.

Plan your marketing and sales

The best-intentioned event will be of no use if no one knows it is happening. You have defined your audience; now, you need to determine how you will get the information about this event to them. Use all your resources, printed materials, networking, mail, phone calls, and of course, social media.

Create a process for handling any sales or reservations at your event – admission, product sales, etc. Investigate online booking software, ticket sales, reservation systems.

These systems can make great partners by marketing your event for you. Make sure you have the technology available and the personnel trained so you can make your event run as seamlessly as possible for your attendees.

Don’t forget to say thank you

Thank everyone who contributed to the event – planners, donors, volunteers, vendors, etc. Ensure your guests will come back by showing them how much they matter.

Last, but not least – make it stand out

Make your event stand out with a rented portable ice rink from KwikRink. Need a little more inspiration? Check out these images of portable ice rink possibilities.

Consider hosting on-ice talent competitions or mini hockey tournaments. Are you into building community? Offer family hours with kid-friendly music and games.

In contrast, offer adult-only skate times as well and bring in food trucks or catered options serving adult beverages and gourmet foods.

Unlike traditional ice rinks, weather or space requirements do not limit the use of a synthetic ice rink. Anyone can skate, and it is an activity that promotes fitness and connection.

So, when should you get started? There is no better time than the present. Contact KwikRink now by calling (888) 275-2345 and asking how they can assist with the rental of a portable ice rink for your event.

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