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How Much Does a Synthetic Ice Skating Rink Cost?

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When you were a child, you may have dreamed of having an ice skating rink in your backyard. With advancements in high-quality synthetic ice, this dream can now become a reality. However, you may question how much does a synthetic ice skating rink cost? 

KwikRink Synthetic Ice can help you build a customized rink in your home or public setting. We offer a range of options to fit your budget. Rinks are designed based on your needs, including space and athlete activity. 

We hope to put you at ease and answer your questions about how much a synthetic ice skating rink costs. If your questions aren’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to reach out for a custom quote on the rink of your dreams!

woman contemplating how much does a synthetic ice skating rink cost

The Cost Dilemma

Perhaps your children have been begging for a rink of their own on which to practice. The holidays or maybe a birthday is approaching, and you would love to give them a gift that offers endless entertainment. An artificial ice rink could provide the athlete with the ultimate skating experience, sky-rocketing their sport to the next level. 

When you consider the cost of a home ice rink, don’t forget to factor in out-of-pocket expenses that you now spend to support your child’s activity. You may note that installing a synthetic ice rink may off-set some of these expenses. 

Some expenses you may not have considered include:

  • Cost driving to and from the rink (gas, public transportation costs, vehicle maintenance, parking costs, etc.)
  • The price of ice time at arenas
  • Expenses for care for your other children while you’re away at the rink
  • Money spent on fast-food meals because you are short on time

Not to mention, there is the sacrifice of time when your child only has access to practice outside the home:

  • Countless hours at the rink while the child practices
  • Time spent in the car driving to and from the rink
  • The effort spent arranging rides and carpools

Many families who decide to install a synthetic ice surface in their home find a reduction in stress levels and more time spent with family, and the cost of the home rink pays for itself with time. 

Comparison to Outdoor Rinks

Perhaps there is a real ice surface near you for your child to practice ice skating. You may be hesitant to purchase a synthetic ice skating rink due to cost, plus they have access to skating outdoors. 

Did you know there are benefits to synthetic ice panels compared to real ice? Artificial ice rinks have come a long way since the first one opened in 1844

Many hockey players boast increased speed and precise maneuvering when they practice on synthetic ice panels. Players see the benefit of increased stamina and endurance after regular practice on synthetic ice panels

Figure skaters appreciate the precision in turns and loops when practicing on synthetic services. There is less risk of the blade catching on the ice, which can impact accuracy when practicing figure skating techniques. 

Of course, synthetic ice rinks are not seasonal compared to pond and community outdoor rinks. Your athlete can practice year-round. The benefit offers improved skill as the athlete has more time to practice, with easy accessibility. 

Your athlete can scrimmage, work on drills, or practice their routine anytime during the year, right at home!

children and parents ice skating

How Much a Synthetic Ice Skating Rink Costs

How much a synthetic ice skating rink costs is truly up to you. Rinks are custom made and vary based on the number of tiles and if accessories such as dasher boards are added. 

Many find a small number of tiles are okay for athletes who use the rink to practice skating techniques and skills. A standard Olympic size rink is certainly not necessary for your home use! However, you may need a larger surface with more tiles if you have a speed skater or plan to use it for scrimmage ice hockey games. 

It is important to purchase quality synthetic ice tiles. These quality tiles will save you money over-time. Purchasing cheap synthetic ice tiles will not give your desired results in terms of quality surface. 

Benefits of a quality surface also include:

  • Increased use as it offers an ideal experience
  • Easy to install
  • Panels that fit together seamlessly
  • Smooth skating surface
  • Less friction
  • Longevity of product

If you are looking to reduce how much a synthetic ice skating rink costs, consider where you would like it installed. Many residential rink owners find a smaller space in the basement or the garage. You can even use a deck for a synthetic ice surface.

Of course, if you have space and a bit more in your budget, you may opt for a larger backyard rink. If you like, you can add accessories or reduce costs by opting out. You can always add accessories to your synthetic ice rink at a later time.

woman ice skating outdoors on a home ice skating rink

Another wonderful option for synthetic skating rinks is you can add to the size over time. You can start small and then build if the skater’s needs change or you find you have more in your budget. You can move the panels to different home locations if you want to go larger or smaller. 

It is also important to note that KwikRink Synthetic Ice rinks demand no water or electricity to maintain. The panels are made of durable plastic, which is very easy to maintain. You do not have to worry about extra out of pocket utility expenses to support your home ice rink. 

Understand that synthetic ice rinks are a long term investment. Many families appreciate the convenience, entertainment, and eventual savings in cost and time by having a rink at home. It is a dream for athletes to be able to practice and skate anytime that they want. 

Synthetic Ice Rink Will Help You With Synthetic Ice Skating Rink Cost

We offer quotes and transparency to help you build a rink that meets your needs. Our ice panels come in different thickness options and various sizes, customized to your space and budget. 

Why KwikRink Synthetic Ice? We offer residential rink installment to help your athlete stay in shape and improve their skills. Aspiring and professional athletes across five continents use our synthetic panels. Our panels provide 90% glide of real ice, with no Zamboni required!

Contact us today to discuss the cost of getting a synthetic ice skating rink in your home!

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