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Create the Coolest Memories Ice Skating During Summer

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Close up of figure skates on ice at sunset

Imagine strapping on your ice skates and going out for practice in your backyard in the middle of summer. Ice skating during summer used to be possible only at indoor ice skating rinks. But now, it’s something anyone can do year-round. 

KwikRink has been a leader in the artificial ice skating industry since the 1990s. We are happy to provide an estimate for your home rink. All you need is a flat space, and you can have your rink to enjoy ice skating year-round. 

We typically think of pools as entertainment for our friends and family in summer. But what if you could entertain them with an ice rink in your home? What memories can you create with your ice skating rink during the summer? 

Benefits Of Synthetic Ice 

Outside Residential Synthetic Ice Rink Hockey 1

Synthetic ice does not need to be cold to be maintained. So it can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors, even in warm weather. It is something that you and your family can enjoy all year round. 

You can enjoy hockey practice or hone your figure skating skills in the middle of July. Or skate for fun. Have a scrimmage game any time you want, regardless of the time of year. 

Synthetic ice is also easy to maintain. All you need is to sweep and mop, and you are good to go! No zamboni required! 

Make Some Amazing Memories Ice Skating During Summer

Outdoor Residential Synthetic Ice Rink 1

You can host a skating party on Memorial Day weekend, on the Fourth of July, or Labor Day weekend! Decorate your rink with string lights, play some music, and fire up the grill. You could even consider having skate rentals available. 

Make it an adults-only, so the kids aren’t taking over the rink. Or try the opposite; let the kids enjoy the rink while the adults watch from the side. 

You can also imagine skating with your love watching the sunset on a beautiful summer evening. Just skate slowly around the rink while you watch the sunset—just the two of you enjoying some time together. 

Have a dinner date. Bring a table and chairs out to your rink and have a romantic dinner. Or have a picnic lunch and then enjoy skating with one another after, just the two of you.

Have the hockey team over for a mid-summer party! The team will love the chance to skate together during the summer.

It has to be mentioned that ice skating during the warm summer weather is just fun! It is a unique experience because, typically, skating is enjoyed in the winter. Skating in warm weather is new for many, and so it is enjoyable and creates fantastic memories. 

If you have kids, have a game night on the rink. There are plenty of ice skating games you can play on the rink. 

  • Play red light green light; a classic game of stop and go
  • Tag: Always a favorite, and sure to wear them out for a good night’s summer sleep!
  • Make an obstacle course and let them help in the creation 
  • Play a game of freeze, but do it to music
  • Of course, you can play a scrimmage game of hockey

The wonderful thing is that all of this can occur right on your property. Your backyard, basement, garage, front yard, or wherever you have space is ideal for your ice skating rink. If you are an advanced skater, you can even offer skating lessons to the neighbor kids. 

Or host a summer skating camp for skaters if you are a coach. If not, you can hire a coach or advanced skater to offer summer skating lessons. Your child and their skating friends will get a kick out of taking ice skating lessons during summer.

Give Your Child a Boost All Year Long

A child in hockey gear posing with a hockey stick.

If your child is ice skating during the summer frequently, they are sure to have a boost in their ice sport skills. Having their synthetic ice rink means they can practice daily, and most likely, they will want to! 

It is convenient and, most importantly, fun for them to have their own rink! It also boosts their confidence while improving their skating skills. Having a home rink keeps them physically fit all year long, both in strength and endurance. 

Skating during the summer prepares them for the season. They will be ready to compete when it’s time to take the ice at the local ice arena come fall. The skater will likely be a step ahead had they not had the opportunity to practice all summer long. 

Figure skaters also can significantly benefit from a rink they can practice on all year round. They can practice their routines in the summer and their skills, so they are also ready once skating season begins. It’s much easier than paying for rink time or waiting for time to be available at an indoor ice skating rink. 

It’s not easy to wait for available ice time at an indoor rink, even during the summer. Having a rink at home is an excellent option for all skaters. 

You don’t need to worry about travel time and long waits when your rink is in the basement. And you don’t have to worry about paying expensive fees at an indoor rink, either. 

During the summer especially, you want to spend more time enjoying the weather. Spending time at an indoor rink takes away home. It’s much more convenient to have your rink at home for your skater to practice at any time they choose. 

Get More Information On a Synthetic Rink For Ice Skating This Summer

A group of people in orange and blue skates ice skating during summer on synthetic ice.

KwikRink has the perfect ice skating rink system for your family to enjoy this summer. Our artificial rinks are used by both competitive skaters and recreational skaters alike. We can help you determine the proper customization for your rink. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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