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How to Make Your Portable Ice Rink Stand Out

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figure skaters on a rooftop synthetic ice rink with a sunny Chicago skyline in the background
Are you thinking of adding a synthetic ice rink to attract more customers? Maybe you are wondering how beneficial it will be, how much you will actually use it? Maybe you already have a portable ice rink, and you are looking for ways to expand it as an attraction. Are you wondering how you can expand upon an already great idea? If you fall into either of these categories, congratulations, you’re in the right place. KwikRink Synthetic Ice is here with some great ideas to help make your synthetic ice rink even more popular. You will be amazed at what adding a few cool shooting targets or hosting some genuinely spectacular special events will do for your business. Synthetic ice is an excellent and lucrative addition to any special event or promotion. KwikRink Synthetic Ice makes it easy with its rental rinks. Consider renting a portable synthetic ice rink for your next event. If you are unsure if you would like to rent or own your rink, take advantage of the rent-to-buy program. We will let you test out our rink on a month-to-month basis, allowing you the time to decide what you want to buy. Contact us today to find out which option is right for you. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will walk you through the whole process. We aim to make it as easy on you as possible. But why do I need a synthetic ice rink, you may be asking. Let us tell you.

Spice Up Your Special Event

Add a little skating fun to your next promotion or special event with a temporary synthetic ice rink. Here are a few theme options that are sure to blow your customers away.

Winter Wonderland Rinks

Winter Wonderland

No matter the time of year, people love to experience the wonder of snow and ice. If the cold part is left out, even better. Turn your next event into a glittery winter wonderland. Go all out with fake snow. Offer delicious frozen treats and snow cones. You can even have white cotton candy. Decorate with fancy fake icicles and use white tablecloths and decorations. Your centerpiece, though, will be your fabulous synthetic ice rink. The joy on the faces of your customers and guests will be all the proof you need to know that you made the right decision.

Christmas in July

…or August, or May, or whenever! Bring a little Christmas cheer to your next gathering. You can buy synthetic Christmas trees or even make them from paper or wire. If one of your employees is game, have him or her dress up as Santa and allow the kids to express their Christmas wishes early. You can serve hot chocolate and hot apple cider. Decorate everything with green and red to give it the right festive feel. You can even name your temporary rink the North Pole for even more fun. The kids, both big and little, will love it!

synthetic ice rink surrounded by white fencing and trees wrapped in white lights

Skating Under the Stars

One way to kick your event up a notch is by having it at night. Imagine a well-lit and fabulous outdoor setting with a synthetic rink at the center. Your guests and customers will lose themselves in the whimsy as they skate hand in hand. Add even more magic with strings of twinkle lights overhead. To extend the fun, consider using a projector to stream your favorite winter movies; bonus points if they are skating-themed.

Adults Only

Skating with the family is great, but sometimes moms and dads need a little break. What better way to bring your customers to you, without the kids, than an adults-only event. What 21 and up party is complete without a few signature cocktails? Check out this list of winter-themed drinks that are sure to spice up any party. Events and promotions aren’t the only reason to consider a temporary synthetic rink. This next one goes out to all the hockey aficionados.

Hockey, Anyone?

You can rent a temporary synthetic rink for hockey-themed events. Everyone will be able to connect with their athletic side and have fun at the same time.

Cool Shooting Targets

Combine athleticism and accuracy by having your customers or guests practice their shooting. Make shooting practice even more fun with these cool shooting targets. If you are feeling creative, check out these fun DIY ideas.

hockey players starting across the ice inside a clearspan structure

Hockey-Themed Game Ideas

Hockey Uniform Relay
  • Divide into teams
  • Give each team one matching set of hockey gear
  • Once you start the race, the first person on the team must put on the entire uniform, run across the room and back, and take off the uniform
  • The next player repeats
  • Each player takes his or her turn
  • The team with the fastest time wins
Shoot It Up
  • Give each player a net and the same amount of balls or pucks
  • Have each player shoot his or her pucks or balls into his or her individual net
  • Whichever player scores the most goals at the end of the round wins
  • Extend the fun by turning the game into a tournament with a championship round
Beach Ball Hockey Race
  • Divide into teams
  • Each team gets a beach ball, a hockey stick, and a goal
  • Each player on the team must push the beach ball with the hockey stick into the goal
  • All players go in turn
  • The first team to go through all their players wins
Drill Areas- With Prizes!
  • Set up drill areas with referees on separate areas of the rink
  • Have all participants compete in each drill area
  • Have the referees keep everyone’s score at each area
  • Tally up the scores
  • The player with the highest score wins a fabulous prize!
Whatever type of event you are planning to have, one thing is sure–it will be better with a synthetic ice rink from KwikRink. Your guests or customers will have a great time, and you will be happy with the return business it brings. Contact us today to see what we can do to help make your next event a success.
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