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Synthetic Ice Maintenance

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Installation of a hockey rink using synthetic ice

For home or commercial synthetic ice rink owners, synthetic ice maintenance is, thankfully, easy and inexpensive. A low maintenance product is one of the top benefits of owning and enjoying synthetic ice. Owning and maintaining a synthetic ice rink is much easier than you may imagine.

KwikRink Synthetic Ice is a one-stop-shop for a comprehensive rink set-up in any size space. With a synthetic ice system from KwikRink, your household figure and hockey skaters can practice uninterrupted, regardless of the state of the world, weather, or your community.

Plus, if you want to launch or continue a community skating program (especially as we all continue to explore getting out into small, public groups again), KwikRink has a rink solution. We provide low overhead and low-maintenance equipment, and high user satisfaction, event enjoyment, and potential revenue streams.


Call us today, and we’ll help you select the ice tiles and accessories to fit your space and your budget wherever you want your rink.

Rink use best practices

Though KwikRink synthetic ice tiles are practically indestructible, easy to assemble, and quick to tear down and store away, we recommend a few best practices to keep your ice as frictionless as possible. You’ll want to maintain the highest quality glide and tile life you can, for years of skating fun and improved skating skills.

  1. Even though you can technically park a car on our ice tiles, we recommend using synthetic ice for ice skating only. If you want to grab some hockey shooting practice in your spare time without fully suiting up, we get it. Make sure to wear non-marking, clean, dust-free sneakers on the ice if you opt-out of skates for a particular drill.
  2. Keep your skates clean and sharp as well for the best skating experience on KwikRink Synthetic Ice. Our tiles feature 90% of real-ice glide, and you’ll maximize that sensation with clean, sharp skates.
  3. Follow the simple assembly and tear-down instructions. A rubber mallet is extremely helpful to snap and lock our ice tiles together. They connect like giant puzzle pieces with an easy press for a seamless rink every time.
  4. Cover your tiles with a tarp or blanket if possible when stored away to cut down on ice-surface dust and dirt build-up.


Maintaining your ice tiles when assembled

Okay, you’ve placed your tiles, locked them together, checked for a dust-free, clean surface, and you’re ready to skate.

Here are a few tips to be quick and efficient about performing the simple maintenance your ice tiles need to deliver top performance.

Always sweep first

  • Replace the Zamboni with a large, soft-cloth push-broom on a rotating pole. You can pick up such a tool at just about any hardware or grocery store in the cleaning section. If you have a large home or commercial rink, you may want to special-order a longer broom to cover more area in fewer passes around the rink.
  • Some Synthetic Ice owners use a shop vac or leaf blower to move dirt and dust into one corner of the rink to sweep or vacuum up at once. This practice also counts as sweeping, or debris removal.

Then, mop thoroughly

Once all the dry dust and dirt have been removed, use a mop with a gentle cleanser to lock in a super-clean finish. A traditional mop with a bucket of warm water and dish soap is just as effective as a more specialized floor cleaner. 

You could also use an automated mop-and-cleaner system with removable mop pads, like a Swiffer Wet Jet(™), or similar product. 

If you go the traditional route with a regular mop and bucket, be sure to change the mop water if you notice it’s getting particularly grungy. You don’t want to apply a bunch of dirt back on the surface you just cleaned, after all!


Once cleaned thoroughly, allow your synthetic ice rink to air-dry. With our products, you won’t need to apply a lubricating product for glide. The tiles maintain their glide as long as they remain clean.

It’s smart to place your maintenance tools (brooms, vacs, and mops) near your rink when setting it up. Get into the habit of cleaning your rink before and after each skate

If you’ve swept and mopped thoroughly after each skating session, you’ll likely be ready to glide next time with a quick inspection and dust-off with a broom.

Reminder: cover your tiles when not in use, especially if you set up or store your rink outdoors.

There’s hope for neglected rinks

We’re all human and have full plates, especially when it comes to household and business maintenance, right? If you’ve neglected your rink’s regular cleaning schedule, you can bring the glide back to life with a pressure washer.

As long as the dirt and dust do not penetrate the ice surface, a pressure washer will refresh and prep the ice tiles again for quality skating. 

With proper care and (low) maintenance, your KwikRink Synthetic Ice system can deliver the best all-weather skating experiences for up to 10 years, depending on the product you select.


Select the best in all-weather, indoor and outdoor synthetic ice

At KwikRink Synthetic Ice, we provide a superior synthetic ice product backed up by over 20 years of industry experience. We live and breathe ice skating and work diligently to ensure your satisfaction. 

We continually improve our products so our customers can enjoy practicing the sports they love, providing innovative community programming, growing their revenues, and uniquely entertaining their clients and guests with our ice tile lines.

We’re here to help you get up-and-running with top-quality ice tiles as well as all the accessories you may need. In addition to ice tiles, we offer: 

  • Skates 
  • Skate sharpeners
  • Plexiglass panels
  • Goals and nets
  • Shooting tarps
  • Netting
  • Dasher boards
  • Colored ice markings  

For more answers about how to get KwikRink Synthetic Ice into your home, business, or indoor-outdoor community spaces, contact us today. We’ll glide to your “virtual” side and help you secure the rink you’ve always wanted. 

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