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Synthetic Ice “Panel Loss” vs. Exact Customization

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KwikRink Maple Leafs Custom Training Area

Synthetic ice layouts are extremely important, as each client has different needs. We will touch on “panel loss” vs. exact customization in this blog. KwikRink Synthetic Ice is here and happy to determine our clients’ best route for installing a synthetic ice rink with their goals and budget in mind.

Call us if you have any questions or if you are interested in a free quote on a synthetic ice rink.

KwikRink’s standard synthetic ice sheet has exterior dimensions of 95″ x 48″ (#1 cut), typically yielding 94″ x 47″. This is by design so that the panels can be connected every which way.

Because they are so close to 8′ x 4′, we go by these increments for simplicity. Many of the quote inquiries we get also follow this guideline. The dovetail pattern is 1″ deep, and when connected, this causes the loss of 1″ every 4′ of connection. This phenomenon is called “Panel Loss” or “PL” for short.

Examples of synthetic ice rinks using all #1 cuts:

40′ x 20′ PL = 39’3″ x 19’8″ (25 Panels)

32′ x 16′ PL = 31’5″ x 15’9″ (16 Panels)

24′ x 12′ PL = 23’7 x 11’10” (9 Panels)

When do you choose #1 cuts for synthetic ice?

Kwikrink Synthetic Ice panel

Using the default cut panels is the best bang for your buck when choosing a synthetic ice rink layout. By using the standard cut-style, you will have no charges for custom cutting and no excess scrap materials. You’ll be able to rotate all of the panels in your synthetic ice rink to extend the lifespan, and ultimately, your investment. 

Anything that is custom cut is often locked into that specific spot on the rink, preventing the panels from periodically being rotated. #1 cuts are perfect for synthetic ice rinks that do not need to fill in an exact space (think wall to wall in a specific size room). Outdoor rinks and open areas work the best for rinks with #1 cuts.

When is custom cutting needed?


For commercial or residential synthetic ice rinks that need exact dimensions, often, custom cutting is required. It’s not likely that the #1 cuts natural dimensions will not get you there. Exact cuts will likely have to be used when adding customized markings to your ice rink (think: lines, creases, circles, dots, etc.).

KwikRink specializes in custom cut synthetic ice solutions, including rink size, shape, and markings.

Creating custom synthetic ice rinks is what KwikRink does best! Whether you’re looking to fill an entire room, portion of a room, or a uniquely shaped space, we’ve got you covered.

When we say exact customization, what do we mean?


When we say exact, we genuinely mean exact. Suppose your space is 24’6 1/2″ x 15’3 1/4″, KwikRink can do it with world-class precision machining. Often, clients with residential basements interested in adding synthetic ice for home training have pole supports to work around in the area.

We can design a layout with custom cut panels so that the seams of a panel line up at the pole seamlessly. We can create the easiest cut around the pole and a perfectly customized synthetic ice rink for your space.

“Panel Loss” vs. Exact Customization

home indoor ice rink in basement with stone walls and a father and child playing hockey

When it is not necessary to have exact dimensions, “panel loss” is the way to go. This option will get you to 8′ x 4′ multiples minus a few inches each way, depending on how big the rink is. Exact customization is the way to go when you need exact dimensions to fit into a unique space or have a particular design in mind.

Whether you’re looking for a large or outdoor rink with standard #1 cuts or a completely custom rink, KwikRink is here to help.

Contact us, and get a free quote today!

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