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How Synthetic Ice Rink Can Help You Attain Gold

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If you are an athlete or coach, you will appreciate how synthetic ice rink offers several key benefits over natural ice. Synthetic ice is now the fastest-growing area of ice facility construction due to its unique combination of strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Many professionals and college teams have either used a synthetic ice surface for practice or would consider using one if it was available in their area.

With the extensive range of synthetic ice and facility equipment options available from the hockey and figure skating shops, you can create your ideal training environment, ensuring your team’s success in training and preparation for competitions.

Moreover, considering the modern life distractions (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok) that undeniably take up most of any athlete’s time, introducing ice training at home is currently more advantageous than ever.

Therefore, whether you are a figure skater or an ice hockey player, you can take advantage of synthetic ice rinks. The current article examines what a synthetic ice rink is, its benefits, and how it could help you train to the best of your ability.

What is Synthetic Ice

Synthetic ice is made of VHMW-HDPE, or very high molecular weight high-density polyethylene, also known as artificial ice, and is a skating surface created of precisely interlocking panels often coated with polymer materials to mimic actual natural ice.

Synthetic ice rinks are a great alternative to natural ice rinks, especially for those living in areas without enough natural ice to practice. This makes it an ideal training surface because it can be used anywhere, at any time of the year. 

You can also install and customize an indoor or outdoor rink in your home. Synthetic ice rinks are completely safer for athletes than natural ice rinks. The ice isn’t cold enough to hurt you, so there’s no risk of cold-related illnesses.

This makes it ideal for athletes of all ages. Synthetic ice is popular among hockey players and figure skaters. Still, athletes from many different sports can use them for their training.

Benefits of Synthetic Ice Rinks

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Although natural ice skating is good, it has drawbacks, like lack of availability throughout the year. Below are some advantages of synthetic ice as an alternative to natural ice.

  • Cost Effective

The cost of maintaining a natural ice rink is far more expensive than the cost of maintaining a synthetic ice rink. Synthetic ice rinks don’t need the energy to keep them running or compressors to freeze. Also, synthetic ice rinks don’t need humidity or temperature maintenance.

Therefore, you don’t have to dig deeper in your pockets to pay electric or water bills. Synthetic ice is also easy for coaches to transport and set up and doesn’t crack or break apart as natural ice does during outdoor storage.

Moreover, artificial ice uses UV protection and is self-lubricating. UV light protection helps to prevent discoloration and to maintain chemical stability. You also don’t need to resurface synthetic ice rinks after use. You only need a vacuum cleaner to vacuum any shavings left after continuous use.

  • Easy to Install

Whether you want an indoor or outdoor rink, it is easy to install, unlike traditional rinks with extra costs. Traditional rinks are dismantled once the winter is over and re-install when winter comes. This repetitive process of installation comes with bulk costs and overwhelming stress. Conversely, synthetic ice rinks only require one-time installation, which can last for years without quality reduction.

  • Highly Customizable

Synthetic ice rinks are made of interlocking tiles, which are customizable into any size to fit anywhere you would like them to be. Depending on your preference, these tiles may be small or big and can fit anywhere, whether you have a small or a big space. Therefore, as long as you have a flat space, whether big or small, KwikRink is there for you. 

Contact KwikRink for an estimate of your synthetic ice rink and install it for you to enjoy all year round. In addition to size customizability, you can create scenarios that would be impossible with natural ice. Examples of such scenarios include creating banked surfaces, curves, or inclines.

  • It can Be Installed Outdoors or Indoors.

Artificial ice rinks can be installed anywhere you want, outdoors or indoors. This is unlike natural ice rinks, which consume bigger space and can only be created outdoors in an open space. You can install your synthetic rink in your garage, basement, or deck.

How to Start

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Suppose you are a committed figure skater or a hockey player. In that case, it is time to create a dedicated space to accommodate your needs. If you want to improve your entire training, it is always better to optimize a small space.

Training ice hockey and ice skating in a small synthetic ice rink are always better than in a bigger one. You can practice and repeat the drills while reducing wasted time on bigger synthetic ice rinks.

Nevertheless, the essence of ice training at home is to become a better player or skater, so you only need adequate space to practice your skill sets. You can get more for less with a synthetic ice rink in your home. After all, the essence of installing a synthetic ice rink in your home is to minimize travel time and maximize your overall training. 

Saving travel time while getting more practice will assist you in training to the best of your ability to become a better ice hockey player or a skater. By utilizing synthetic ice training, you can quickly accomplish your goals without restrictions and in the comfort of your own home. Moreover, suppose you’re not interested in installing synthetic ice in your home. 

In that case, you can opt for KwikRink rink rentals, which are perfect for residential and commercial events.

Visit KwikRink Synthetic Ice

At KwikRink Synthetic Ice, we are committed to assisting you in getting the best outcomes possible on synthetic ice. Because of our exceptional experience in the business, we can assist you in choosing the ideal synthetic rink for you and installing it quickly and easily, whether indoors or outdoors. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately to improve your training.

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