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6 Ways a Synthetic Ice Rink Can Save Money for Your Venue

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Whether you run a gym, an entertainment venue, or a training stadium, operating an ice rink is both rewarding and maintenance-heavy. Real ice requires constant conditioning, resurfacing, and temperature maintenance around the rink. 

It’s a time-consuming process that most would agree is only worth the effort for the joy it brings the hundreds of skaters in your area who live for a time on the rink.

It should be no surprise if you are looking for ways a synthetic ice rink can save money instead of spending time and maintenance on upkeeping a rink made of real ice. With KwikRink‘s seamless synthetic ice tiles, you can install a rink that will last for 7-10+ years with minimal maintenance – and a lot of opportunity to save. 

6 Ways a Synthetic Ice Rink Can Save Money

  1. Quick and Easy Installation

KwikRink’s synthetic ice tiles are easy to lay, connecting with a simple yet seamless Lock-Rink Dovetail design that creates a flawless ice rink. 

Installation takes far less time than you would need to pour, freeze, and condition a new rink – and once installed, your synthetic ice rink can save money and stay in that flawless condition for years rather than needing to be reformed every time the temperature rises.

Made of extremely durable high-density polyethylene infused with a conditioning formula, synthetic ice tiles provide 90% of the glide for 10% of the effort. Your artificial ice can also be assembled and disassembled easily for any occasion and even rented for events.

 2. No Need for Temperature-Controlled Spaces

If you are operating an ice rink in warm regions or during the summer, keeping your skating area cold enough to prevent ice melt is a major cost in AC alone. Synthetic ice panels do not require a low temperature to provide realistic glide. 

You can let the temperatures rise to a comfortable middle ground, and your customers can enjoy skating without coats and mittens because artificial ice works at any temperature. With AC as a major contributor to any facility’s costs, this change alone could allow a synthetic rink to save you money in utilities every year. 

 3. Say Goodbye to the Zamboni

Synthetic Ice Rink Can Save Money - The machine fills the ice on the skating rink for skaters

Running the Zamboni to resurface the ice every few hours is also a costly investment in real ice that is unnecessary when you build a synthetic rink. You can say goodbye to the Zamboni entirely and pack away that ice-polishing beast. 

The only maintenance your synthetic ice rink will need is to be brushed or washed clean occasionally. Outdoors, you can use a simple hose to spray off your synthetic ice (without worrying about uneven refreezing), while indoors, you can use the typical broom and mop approach. 

The highly durable tiles are easy to clean, saving you money by transforming your rink maintenance to that of a roller rink rather than demanding ice upkeep.

 4. Minimal Maintenance Downtime

Putting away the Zamboni also means keeping your rink open to paying customers and booking sessions more efficiently without these routine interruptions. Your guests will no longer have to clear the rink for several minutes every hour or two while the Zamboni polishes the ice surface, interrupting their skating experience.

This simple change can help you make money with a synthetic rink compared to an ice rink, as guests can book more rink time each day for games, private lessons, or free skate hours. 

 5. Book Outdoor Rinks Year-Round

Another great way a synthetic ice rink can save money is the freedom to skate all year outdoors. If you typically only offer outdoor skating during the coldest part of the year, it’s time to rethink your summer schedule. 

A synthetic ice rink will not melt in the sun and maintains its ideal surface even if your customers wear t-shirts instead of fluffy coats. With a synthetic rink, you can book outdoor rink time all year, and you don’t have to close down ice skating operations when the weather warms up.

 6. Draw Visitors from Nearby Towns

Defocused of indoor synthetic ice skating park with skating people.

Finally, a synthetic ice rink can save money and make money by increasing the draw to your venue for new customers in regions surrounding your city. When local ice skating enthusiasts hear a year-round rink available the next town over, booking a weekend is a natural choice. 

Whether they want to train in hockey or figure skating or relax and glide over the weekend, your synthetic rink has the potential to become a far-reaching community draw.

Improve Your Facility with a Synthetic Ice Rink

If your venue would benefit from the installation of a permanent or temporary synthetic ice rink, KwikRink is the leading producer of high-performance and seamless artificial ice around the world. Our dedicated founders and rink technicians can help you prepare the perfect all-season, indoor or outdoor synthetic ice rink that can save money and even increase the earning potential of your venue.

Contact us today to consult on the size, shape, and finish ideal for your artificial ice rink installation.

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