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5 Things You Don’t Know About Synthetic Ice Tiles

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It is no secret that we at KwikRink Synthetic Ice love winter sports. One of our passions is to help others experience skating in their own homes or spaces on their own time. The synthetic ice tiles guarantee that your ice time will extend beyond just one season.

For over 20 years, we at KwikRink Synthetic Ice have installed our synthetic ice tiles worldwide. From NHL practice facilities to suburban driveways, we’ve been pretty much everywhere. We have even installed a synthetic ice rink on a cruise ship!

We may be biased, but we feel that our synthetic ice tiles are the best in the game. We have taken the time and researched ways to make them versatile and fun to use by anyone. 

If you are considering placing your own synthetic ice rink, read on. We’d like to share five facts that you may not know about synthetic ice tiles. After you’re done, head on to our site to customize your rink and get a free quote from KwikRink Synthetic Ice.

Oakville Winter Wonderland

1. Our synthetic ice tiles are state of the industry. 

It is a disservice to our clients to not keep up with technology in our industry as it changes. We have innovated our synthetic ice tiles many times to be sure that they feel as real as possible when you skate on them. 

We’ve also made numerous other changes over the years to ensure our product is the best it can be. For example, our 5th generation synthetic ice panels are updated to improve how they connect.

As you skate, the ice melts, producing water that lubricates your blade, making it possible to skate. Our ice panels mimic this feel by using a special plastic formula we have developed and refined over time. The result is an ice skating experience that gives skaters 90% of the feeling of real ice. 

Other synthetic ice tiles cannot achieve this because they haven’t changed their production to allow for better glide. Some other companies may cut costs by using inferior quality materials. But when your blades dig into our panels, you will be amazed how you freely glide across the ice. 

If synthetic ice tiles are too hard and do not have enough lubrication, skates will catch and dull over time. If the ice is too soft, skates will stick, and the ice will break down quickly. 

It’s our responsibility to keep up with technology and give the very best skate achievable. That 90% of real ice feel translates into playing hockey, skating with your family, or enjoying the artificial ice however you choose!

2. KwikRink Synthetic Ice panels can go just about anywhere. 

Something fun about our panels is that they are very easy to install, remove, reconfigure, and move. We manufacture our synthetic ice tiles to fit together like puzzle pieces so that you can assemble an entire skating surface quickly. 

Over the years, we have seen our rinks installed in basements, cruise ships, and arenas. We have repeatedly been surprised by the versatility of our own panels. The panels can be placed in a spare room easily for storage as well.

As the needs for your rinks changes, so can the rinks themselves. Maybe during hockey season, you need a place as a family to blow off steam. Once hockey season is over, you can add or subtract panels to create a practice rink.

How big your rink is and where it goes is absolutely up to you.

freinds ice skating together

3. You can have your own “home rink” — even on a budget.

Every synthetic ice rink is unique to its owner. We offer several customization options so that you can get the most out of your rink.

Some of the customizations offered are: 

  • Dasher boards
  • Nets and plexiglass
  • Custom markings 
  • Training aids

Why not go full out and customize the rink of your dreams? 

There are two 5th generation tile options offered to build your rink with. The HOME version is 3/8″ thick and the PRO version is 1/2″ thick. Both have their unique benefits, so you can choose what’s right for you.

Installing a synthetic ice rink is an investment and should serve you in every way you need. Whether that’s training aids for figure skating or plexiglass and nets for hockey, KwikRink Synthetic Ice is here to help. Your rink is unique to you and your space. 

4. KwikRink Synthetic Ice rinks are built to last.

Our improved construction and lightweight, flexible design better accommodate uneven terrain while remaining strong.

In fact, our tiles that are ⅜” thick will last seven to ten years, and our ½” inch thick tiles last ten plus years. That is a lot of skating! 

A high-density plastic called VHMW allows for durability and longevity. 

This plastic makes our synthetic ice tiles great for years of training and fun. They can handle hockey stops and countless jumps from figure skaters, and they require little maintenance to keep them in top form. 

synthetic ice installation

5. Synthetic ice rinks are low maintenance.

A traditional ice rink will have several steps to regular maintenance to keep it ready to skate. Temperatures must be kept just right; the ice must be smoothed out to maintain a proper surface. If you are looking to move or take down the rink, that can be a days-long process with a big clean up.

To take down a KwikRink Synthetic Ice rink, you simply sweep off any debris and pull apart the tiles. They can then be placed wherever you have room to store or move them. 

Clean up is no different for your personal synthetic ice rink. Occasionally you will need to sweep off the debris and then go over your tiles with a wet mop. No special tools are needed!

Synthetic Ice — Real Passion 

The Mayo Clinic cites play as a way to boost emotional and mental growth in children. Playing together as a family can provide additional bonding benefits to this exercise time. We want to offer a way for you to have a great time on the ice.

Whether it’s playing with the family like the Mayo Clinic suggests or practicing figure skating jumps, having a rink available helps. Having one in your home or that your team has access to saves a lot of time spent scheduling rink time, commuting to the rink, and waiting for access.

It will also save money on things like fees for rink time and gas going to and from the rink.

Since the 1990s, KwikRink Synthetic Ice has provided top-notch synthetic ice tiles to our clients around the world. We challenge ourselves by constantly improving our ice to make it low maintenance and practical for the owner.

Please stop by our site today to configure and customize your rink and get a free quote from KwikRink Synthetic Ice! 

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