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Things You Can Do on Synthetic Ice Panels

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happy family on synthetic ice rink

For a winter sports enthusiast, finding ice to skate on can be a challenge. Rinks can be closed, and rental is often expensive; it would be easier to own your rink. You can do that with synthetic ice panels from KwikRink Synthetic Ice! 

KwikRink Synthetic Ice offers synthetic ice panels worldwide and can place them in most locations. Owning your ice is just one perk of our panels. Of course, we could name a plethora of reasons, but we will detail only four for now. 

Read on to see how great owning your rink can be. Better yet, visit our site or give us a call today to request a free consultation. 

What Offseason?

With synthetic ice panels, you can skate whenever you please

When the offseason happens, athletes run to gyms or training facilities to condition. There is no guarantee for ice time. These obstacles can make it hard to keep up skating fundamentals season to season.

If you happen to live in a warmer climate, ice training and sport can be strictly seasonal. Having synthetic ice extends a season and offers training and conditioning without running a full ice rink. If you don’t own a rink, then you are fully aware of the fee to skate.

Fees for a traditional rink owner include coverage for staff, compressors, building fees, and so much more. If you are just attending a conventional rink to skate, you may incur an hourly fee. That adds up to quite the total over time — especially if you skate often.

Placing synthetic ice panels at your home (or gym!) cancels the offseason, rink fees, and the high cost of operating an ice rink. 

little boy with helmet and other children ice skating on synthetic ice panels

The Possibilities are Endless with Synthetic Ice Panels

You can put our panels anywhere in the world that you would like. 

What makes synthetic ice panels so useful is their true versatility. The panels fit into one another like puzzle pieces. This feature makes them convenient and offers the option of adding to or taking away from the space. 

Our rinks can be installed in a backyard, a basement, or even a commercial space. Our goal is to ensure you the best rink for your needs. Our rinks have been installed in areas as small as a lane in a driveway, and as big as a cruise ship. 

We are a United States-based company that proudly serves our global community. Fellow ice sport enthusiasts are using our panels on five continents across the globe. That’s a lot of skating, fun, and memories!

Low Impact Big Results

Use our panels to be good to your body!  

An added perk to installing a synthetic ice rink is it provides a low impact workout. Skating is powered by gliding, making it an excellent option for those who need one. 

These workouts can be fun and easier on the body. Humana, a trusted insurance company, cites low impact workouts as a better option because of their ease on joints and the body.

Lower impact exercise regularly can aid in weight loss, endurance, and more. Just twenty minutes a day can help strengthen your heart. With results like this, it is not a question of why low impact workouts are raved about. 

Enough cannot be said about how much skating can contribute to your overall well being. Doing something you love without the pressure of driving, sharing ice, or configuring schedules can make for a sincerely enjoyable experience. That is just plain good for your mental health.

happy family ice skating in a line together

Return on Investment 

You can have a product that will last and be used enough to pay for itself. 

Synthetic ice panels are ideal for those who want to invest in their families. The fifth-generation technology used in our panels is guaranteed to last at least a decade. KwikRink Synthetic Ice panels can mean a decade of skating parties, practice, fun, and quality family time.

The 13- time Stanley Cup Champions Toronto Maple Leaves have recently installed our ice panels. They have been established for practice use in the Mastercard Centre. We know that this will be an excellent investment for them. 

You don’t have to be an NHL team to have a rink custom to your training needs and personal style. The ultimate rink is easily made with custom crease lines, face-off dots, and even your own markings. 

If you are into bells and whistles, how about skate sharpeners, shooting traps, or even plexiglass? There are many more customizable options; however, any of them is a great investment in your very own rink that will be enjoyed and used for years to come.

two people wearing ice skates next to an outdoor ice rink


No space is too small or too far away to place a rink in. Our panels are built to last, and also a lot of fun. We constantly improve upon our product for your enjoyment, health, and training.

We have been serving the Twin Cities and beyond since the mid-1990s. We have found a lot of uses for our panels and enjoy making them better, stronger, and above all, more fun to use. 

Placing synthetic ice panels in your home is a great investment in your athlete’s skating skills and potential. Whether you are a hockey player, a figure skater, or a speed skater, ice time on demand is invaluable.

Also invaluable are the memories made and the fun to be had. How else would it be possible to have an impromptu family hockey game? Maybe work on that jump when you have the time instead of working your schedule around a rink that may be crowded?

The family budget is also kept by removing hourly fees for skating rinks.

The value is not just in the time that is available but also lies in the ease of set up and cost. KwikRink panels come as puzzle pieces making them simple to set up, change the configuration, or takedown. 

Bringing winter sports into your home is a big decision. We are not blind to that, and we want to make sure that you are informed and all your questions answered. Please visit KwikRink Synthetic Ice online or call today for your free consultation. 

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