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Valuable Training at Home Using Synthetic Ice Skating Rinks

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Home Rink for increased training

Climbing the ranks in any sport has never been more competitive. That is especially true for ice sports, as ice skating rinks can be challenging to find and book. Fortunately, KwikRink has made it easier than ever before to accelerate your training with synthetic ice for home use. Check out our world-class residential rinks here.

Convenience Is Key

Ever have a gym membership at a gym far from your house? How often did you go? Probably not as much as you would have liked. Setting up your training to be quick and accessible is vital to a dedicated training schedule. 

Ice sports are notoriously hard to train for, as rinks tend to be few and far between. Even if they are close by, you may have to book some off-time hour. And who wants to wake up at 5 am all the time? 

Imagine being able to lace up your skates in the comfort of your own home, and hit the ice on YOUR schedule. Most of your competitors won’t have this ability. They are stuck at ice skating rinks. Training many more hours than your rivals means wins on the ice.

You also won’t be limited to an hour at a time, or however long most rinks restrict you. You may prefer to train for 2 or 3 hours at a time, or maybe 30-45 minutes at a time. With traditional ice arenas, you often won’t have this flexibility. 

Just Like The Real Thing

KwikRink Synthetic Ice Rinks are as close as you will get to skating on real ice. They are 90% of real ice’s glide and are the best way to keep you in skating shape year-round. You won’t have to deal with that summer lull anymore, and your game will improve every month of the year. 

Think about a boxer and how they train. Where do they practice? They spar in a regulation ring, hit speed bags and punching bags, jump rope, you get the idea. They wear the boxing gloves they will use for a real fight. 

Would the boxer put on oven mitts and shadow box with a tree out in the woods? No. The same thing should apply to a skater, especially one looking to improve his or her skills. Competitive ice athletes stand to experience tremendous gains in their on-ice skills with a synthetic ice rink.

Is A Residential Synthetic Ice Rink For You? 

KwikRink residential Synthetic Ice Rinks represents a massive step in your athletic career. As such, they aren’t for everyone. However, residential synthetic rinks are great for both beginners and experts alike, given a few things:

  • You are serious about improving your skills. Putting a rink in your home is extremely valuable and essential if you want to become an elite skater. There is no quicker way to advance your skills, but your mind has to be set on improvement.
  • You are prepared to maximize your skating time. Why get a residential rink put in your garage, basement, driveway, or yard if you’re not going to skate? We build our rinks with one goal in mind: to maximize your potential and success. If you don’t have the time to hit the ice consistently, you may want to consider something more casual.
  • You are frustrated by your current training options. Maybe you live in a region with few ice skating rinks. Or perhaps you live somewhere where the rink is booked round the clock. That’s frustrating, and we’ve all experienced that at some point. If you crave on-demand access to ice training, KwikRink is for you. 

Win The Mental Battle First

Legendary Navy SEAL David Goggins attributes his confidence to his unrivaled hard work. The training no one sees that goes on behind the scenes, that’s what separates him. Becoming an elite athlete on ice requires high self-confidence, and that begins with putting in the work. 

What if you knew you worked harder than your opponents when you stepped on the ice? What if you knew you put in dozens of more hours than they did? That you slept under the same roof as your rink?

Knowing you have this edge over the competition is a huge advantage-no one can hurt you on the ice. Remember, KwikRink Synthetic Ice Rinks are 90% the glide of real ice-you’ve got game-ready skills immediately.

Get Prepared For Your New Residential Rink

Pick a good spot for your home rink

No matter your age or skill level, you want to be prepared for your new at-home training rink. First, pick a location for your new synthetic rink. The most popular choices include:

  • garage
  • basement
  • driveway
  • deck

Once you know where you want your rink, you can begin evaluating your physical preparation. What is your diet like? Another advantage of a residential rink is easy access to your preferred foods at home. These are almost always healthier than the vending machines or snack bars at your local rink. 

Regarding stretching and weight training, you may have a designated spot in your home for this already. If not, you should consider adding a stretching routine and resistance training to your new intense skating schedule. 

Hundreds of Division I college athletes and NHL players took their game to the next level training at home. With the right preparation, you can as well. 

The Takeaway

The advantages of having your own residential synthetic rink are massive.  First, you will find that you are putting in countless more hours of on-ice training than your competition. You are also not confined to traditional ice skating rinks. Your mental toughness will be strengthened through your new training regimen, setting you up for wins. 

Not to mention KwikRink’s world-class synthetic rinks have 90% the glide of real ice. This will give you an incredible advantage come game time. Imagine playing in your own preseason game every single day-what serious athlete wouldn’t want that?

If you are serious about accelerating your talent and skill on the ice, you want a residential synthetic rink. It’s less about your current skill-level and more about your mindset. 

With that in mind, we highly recommend a Kwik Rink rink for those serious about marked improvement only. If that sounds like you or your family member, request a quote here

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