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What is Synthetic Ice Anyway?

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We love winter sports, but we hate that you have to wait for the winter months to partake in them. Thankfully, advances in modern technology have led to such wonders as man-made snow and indoor skating rinks- either artificial or synthetic ice. 

For hockey and figure skating, you need access to a rink to stay sharp. If only there were a way to practice these precision sports in your own home.

Well, with KwikRinks, now you can! KwikRinks is one of the leaders in the field of synthetic ice. We have been in the business since the mid-90s and have installed synthetic ice rinks almost everywhere you can imagine. 

From retail businesses to private homes, a synthetic ice rink can spice up any space. 

But what is synthetic ice, you may be wondering. 

The History of Synthetic Ice

Synthetic ice, not to be confused with artificial ice, is a solid polymer material. Synthetic ice rinks are constructed with interlocking panels and designed to be used with traditional, metal skates. 


Artificial, or man-made ice, is what you typically find at indoor ice rinks. Primarily, the term artificial ice refers to a mechanically frozen skating surface made from water frozen with refrigeration equipment. 

The first known instance of plastic products as a substitute for real or artificial ice in the purpose of skating was back in the 1960s. The first synthetic ice sheets were made from polyoxymethylene plastic. 

Through the decades though, technology has steadily advanced. Today, synthetic ice rinks are typically made with High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMWPE). 

The type of plastic used is important, as low molecular weight plastics are too soft and can easily break down while polymer surfaces that are too hard can strip the edge on a skate blade and poorly affect performance. 

How Does it Compare to Real Ice?

Basically, the main difference between real ice, artificial or natural, and synthetic ice is glide. When you skate on ice, the heat from the friction of your blade causes the ice to melt slightly. 

The small amount of water this contact produces allows you to slide or glide over the ice. This water acts as a lubricant against drag. 

family ice skating

With synthetic ice, this lubrication must be fabricated. For many synthetic ice products, this means adding a liquid surface additive to reduce drag. 

At KwikRinks, though, our patented KwikRink V Synthetic Ice is fully lubricated and requires no topical sprays whatsoever. 

Gone are the days of having to apply some type of surface agent continually. Our slip agent is built into our polymer sheets.

Unlike many of the so-called “self-lubricating” panels that liter the market today, our slip agent will never ooze out of the surface, leaving your synthetic ice rink dry in just a few years. 

Why KwikRinks?

We are passionate about customer satisfaction. We believe our product is the best on the market and we want the chance to prove it to you. 

With a KwikRink V Synthetic Ice rink, you will find speed and performance that is unmatched in the industry. 

One of the main reasons to get yourself a KwikRink V rink is the ease of backward skating and transitioning. With traditional synthetic ice rinks, you will typically be forced to slow down as you transition. 

And with backward skating, instead of feeling natural, it tends to feel clunky and forced. With KwikRink V, though, that resistance is considerably reduced. Our synthetic ice rinks are the next best thing to the real thing. 


With our products, you will achieve almost the same level of surface glide as you would with real or artificial ice. You will barely notice the difference. 

But the best reason to choose KwikRinks is the absence of oily panels. For many synthetic ice products, you will need to reapply a slipping agent continually. 

That agent a tendency to migrate, causing parts of the rink to feel like a dead, over-used cutting board. With our KwikRink V panels, the agent is built-in, leaving you with near-perfect glide for years to come. 

Our panels will last up to ten years. We are constantly improving our product. Currently, we are offering our fourth generation surface, which provides up to 90% of the glide of real ice. 

We are a global company and can install a rink anywhere across the world. 

At Kwik Rink we are-

  • Experienced- We have been in business for over 20 years
  • Durable- Our panels are low-maintenance and resilient, you can even park your car on them
  • Easy to Install- Our jigsaw patterned panels make installation and teardown a breeze
  • Adaptable- We can build a rink of any size, and can easily add or subtract panels as your need arises

All you need for your synthetic ice rink is a flat, even surface. We will take care of the rest. 

Are There Any Benefits to Synthetic Ice?

Of course, there are! 

A synthetic ice rink is much easier and more cost-effective to maintain that a true ice rink. If you choose a synthetic ice rink that is self-lubricating, all you need to do is keep it clean. 

With synthetic ice, there are no water and electricity costs. After your original costs, there is very little in incidentals. 

Installation is quick and easy. The polymer panels lock together and can be easily adjusted to accommodate any space. 

Winter Wonderland Synthetic Ice VanSuanPark 1

One of the most significant advantages, though, is the flexibility a synthetic ice rink offers. You don’t have to worry about temperature; your rink can be installed indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference. 

Our KwikRink V Synthetic Ice rinks are environmentally friendly and are accessible for anyone, anywhere, at any time. 

Your new synthetic rink will provide you with exercise and entertainment. You can hone your hockey or figure skating skills, or simply have fun with your friends and family. 

When you are ready to install your own synthetic ice rink, KwikRinks is here for you. Contact us today for your free estimate. 

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