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The Best Synthetic Ice for Goalies

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An ice hockey goalie protecting the net.

Are you an aspiring Stanley Cup winner? Or are you an ice hockey parent who has a young hockey star? Either way, you know how crucial it is to practice your skills. The goalie is critical to his or her team’s overall success. We want to help them continue their practice outside of the rink with the best synthetic ice for goalies. 

If you have space to spare in your basement, attic, garage, backyard, or pole barn, KwikRink has synthetic ice for all flat surfaces. You provide a flat surface, and we will help your goalie achieve their dreams!

What is Synthetic Ice?

KwikRink offers the best synthetic ice for goalies

Synthetic ice is made from large sheets of polyethylene plastic. The plastic sheets are then cut to standard tile sizes and custom edges for easy assembly. 

Our tiles feature a “puzzle-piece” assembly system that allows you to interlock the pieces in place (no tools necessary). Our proprietary locking synthetic ice will provide you with a virtually seamless practicing surface.

You will have your at-home hockey training area set-up in no time.    

Will it Skate the Same as Real Ice?

Kids playing hockey on synthetic ice

The only thing that will skate exactly the same as natural ice is real ice. It would be great if everyone could afford an ice rink and a Zamboni to maintain it.

Since that isn’t realistic, our high-quality synthetic ice provides 90% or more of the natural glide achieved on real ice. There are a few tips to achieve the most authentic “real ice” feel. 

Sharpen your skates: As long as you have sharp skates, you will be able to do everything you can do on natural ice. 

Quality products: We provide high-quality, self-lubricating synthetic ice. Our materials are dense and will stand up to years of skating and goaltending. High-quality materials offer the most “like ice” feel. 

Care for your ice: although our ice is self-lubricating, a small amount of maintenance goes a long way. 

These three tips will help your goalie feel right at home on KwikRink’s synthetic ice.

What is the Maintenance for Synthetic Ice?

Maintenance for synthetic ice is pretty straight forward. You will want to sweep the ice with a stiff brush broom before and after each use, especially if the rink is outside. 

Sweeping will help remove any dust or debris that can dull the skates. You can also clean the ice with a mild cleanser and a cloth.   

How does it feel sliding with your pads?

A goalie sliding on his pads on the ice

There will be a little more resistance from the synthetic ice on the large surface area of the pads. However, the resistance of the artificial ice magnifies any inefficiencies that may go unnoticed in the rink

The slight resistance that the synthetic ice provides will also help strengthen the muscles for lateral slides.

The Goalie Crease gets Marked up; what about on Synthetic Ice?

Just like ice, synthetic ice will mark up eventually with continual use. However, many find this does not affect the synthetic ice’s performance.    

What is the Best Synthetic Ice for Goalies?

A child ice hockey goalie

KwikRink offers KwikRink V Home and KwikRink V Pro options of synthetic ice.

The best synthetic ice for goalies is the KwikRink V Pro version. This artificial ice has a life span of 12-15 years with proper maintenance. 

The KwikRink V Pro is the best for goalies because they tend to practice in one spot on the rink and move around less than other skaters. With a less durable synthetic ice, it will wear down more quickly than the KwikRink V Pro.

Goalie Training on Synthetic Ice

A hockey net on ice

Now you know what synthetic ice is, how it stacks up to real ice, and the best synthetic ice for goalies, what does training look like?

When it comes to ice hockey, we know how crucial dryland training and strength building is. Conditioning and training not only help you improve as a player but prevent injuries while on the ice. 

The next step to further your goalie’s training is synthetic ice. Even if you don’t have much space to work with, your goalie can work on their skill sets. Synthetic ice will help with: 

  • Help improve their tracking and moving shuffles
  • They can work their angles 
  • Easily practice body rotations
  • Practice and strengthen their lateral slides 
  • Work their stick and pad blocking
  • Focus on C-cuts 

What are the benefits?

Curved edges of The Hockey Headquarters synthetic ice rink

Synthetic ice makes training easy and accessible. There’s no more renting out the ice rink. Your goalie will be able to improve and hone their skills in the comfort of their own home. 

Having an at-home skate rink takes out the pressure of getting everything figured out during practice. You or your child (if you’re an ice hockey parent) will be able to work on movements and decision-making in your environment.

The resistance of the synthetic ice allows you to focus on your movements and mechanics. It helps you become a stronger and more efficient player. 

Synthetic ice will help your goalie magnify and pinpoint any inefficiencies and overcome them. KwikRink’s synthetic ice allows you to help your child practice with intention.

If you’re a seasoned goalie working on perfecting your craft or a parent of a goalie with big aspirations, KwikRink is here to make dreams come true. 

Contact us when you’re ready to set up your in-home training area and take your goalie game to the next level.

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